The Never Do list


I thought it’d be fun to do a never do list, since I do so many to-do lists, like my fall to-do list and all my monthly reading lists. So the idea of this never list is a list of things that I will never do. Like a reverse to-do list. I do love listing!
The Never Do List 
1. Rob a Bank
As much as a bonnie and clyde type situation seems romantic in the old movies, I’m pretty sure I’d be a terrible bank robber.
2. Paint my kitchen orange (again)
I made the mistake once.
3. Get a pet spider
I hate spiders, they freak me out!! Spiders shouldn’t be hairy.
4. Buy things off infomercials (again)
Another mistake I made once, I was young and I begged my mom, and I regretted it. 
5.Tattoo makeup on my face
I don’t understand it at all. 
6. Whack a beehive 
I’m terrified of bees, on a whole different level than my fear of spiders. My biggest nightmare is a wasp with a syringe as a stinger….ah! So creepy!
7. Watch all the Twilight movies
I read the books, that was enough for me. No more. 
8. Stop reading 
I read all the time! I could never stop reading!
9. Eat sauerkraut
I might come from a totally German family, but I hate the smell and taste of sauerkraut! Ew! So gross!  
10. Bungee jump off something 
I’m not afraid of heights or anything, I just don’t like the idea of flinging myself off something and bouncing around. I wouldn’t want to trust a rope to save my fall. 
11. Turn into a cat
Sadly I will never be able to turn into a cat, let’s all mourn this fact with me.  
Is there anything that you would never do? Have you ever made a never do list before? 

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By Jess

A bookworm since the tender age of whenever I stopped chewing on books and started actually reading them. A cat-mom, graphic designer, and introvert originally from Pittsburgh, but now resides in the humid, hot, state of Texas. Cheers!

  • You come from a German family? That's cool! Do you speak any German yourself? Anyway, don't worry about not liking Sauerkraut. I'm Austrian-German myself and I absolutely hate it! Just like the red stuff that's also some kind of Kraut. Tastes terrible.
    I love the idea of a never-do-list actually! One point on my never-do-list would be to get a terrible tattoo.

  • I used to speak it a little bit, but over the years I've forgotten it, since I never had much opportunity to speak German much. Sadly! My dad's side of the family has Austrian in it as well! I'm glad I'm the only one who hates Kraut!!

  • Kay

    The only way I would recommend watching the Twilight movies is to watch them with a group of friend and MST3K them! It's a good time. 🙂 Agreed on the sauerkraut front. YUCK. Oh, and tattoo makeup. What the heck is the point of that?!

  • Hahahahaha this is hilarious omg. I wish I could turn into a cat too, poor us! Also I never understand those who tattoo makeup on…it makes literally no sense.

  • Haha what a great list!! I don't think I would bungee jump off anything either!! Do you mind if I write a never to-do list on my blog? Will credit you! 🙂


  • If only we could turn into cats!! It would be purrfect! haha!

  • Go for it! I'd love to read your never to-do list! 😀

  • Haha! I love this! What a fun idea! I would never bungee jump, climb Mount Everest (or any mountain that involves the freezing cold), go skiing, eat octopus (yuck), rob a bank, or turn into a bird. I've always wanted to fly!