Music You’ve Been Missing #6

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So at this point, I feel like I should mention that all of
these albums that I write about are available to stream on Spotify, which means
they’re likely also on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, LastFM, or really anything. (I
recently bought a Windows 8 loaded laptop, and found that the music streaming
service that comes with it has almost the exact same catalogue available as
Spotify which is neat! But anyway…)  You
can go stream these albums in various places and earn the artists some money!
Stay tuned because, being a heavy Spotify user I’m going to
start keeping an actively updated playlist for any readers to follow if they
want. And I guess you can follow me if you want to see what I listen to on a
daily basis. It’ll probably come up in a Favorite Friday post somewhere.
Ezra Furman and the Harpoons – Banging Down the Doors
How Long You’ve Been
Missing Out
: 7 Years (Released August 2007)
The Album in One
: Pure folk rock that simultaneously conveys some worthwhile
messages, captures the essential “spirit of rock n’ roll” and doesn’t take itself
seriously at all.
Defining Lyric: “A
city outside spins noise ’til three at night The city inside my mind is silent
after a wintery, nuclear night But I am not alone for long” – Hotel Room in Casablanca

Let me first start by saying it just took me about twenty
minutes to find a defining lyric that could do justice to the writing on this
album. I mean it when I say every lyric on this album is written so incredibly
well that I just couldn’t decide what would be the most fitting there. So this
album’s got that going for it.
In terms of music, this album is sort of unique in that it
doesn’t try to be unique at all. What? Shut up Alex you’re going crazy. Yeah.
Maybe. I’m loopy from all the paper writing. But seriously. Ezra’s musical
style is pretty much the embodiment of the archetypal “rock n’ roll”. It’s all
written in common time and consists pretty much entirely of bass, drums, and
two guitars. There is nothing overly technical about it at all. Ezra is sort of
like Bob Dylan once he decided to “go electric”.
One thing I will say is that the comparison to Bob Dylan
also means something else. If Bob Dylan couldn’t sing and didn’t really care,
Ezra Furman AGGRESIVELY can’t sing and is completely unapologetic about it. So
if vocals are your thing, maybe this isn’t the one for you. But for me, the
music is so natural and the lyrics are so intriguing that I keep coming back to
this one. It’s definitely worth a listen all the way through no matter what.

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Pull up some lyrics online, grab a drink (this feels like a
whiskey or beer album to me), and give this one a listen. You’ll probably have
the melodies stuck in your head for a month!

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  • Taylor Yates

    I looked them up and listened and I like it! I'm not normally one for rock or folk rock, but I did like their sound. I can see myself turning that on while I study. 🙂

    Thanks for helping me discover something new!

  • Kelley

    Thank you so much for sharing! I love hearing new music 🙂

  • Bobi Chen