NANO Progress #2


How I write: I normally write parts when they come to me, as in, I don’t always write in chronological order when I write stories. If I have a great idea for the ending, then I’ll stop whatever part I’m currently writing and start writing the ending out. I’ve done that with just about everything I’ve written. I just need to get my ideas out on paper once they come into my head or I can’t concentrate on what’s at hand!

Daily word goal: 1,700

Current Word Count: 19,021 (aka like 6,000 words behind, oops! I’m going to try to catch up tonight!)

Excerpt from the story so far: 

“It’s supposed to be a romantic date, obviously I have to
surprise you! We don’t get to do these things as much as we used to.” I fight
the urge to reach out and place my hand on his cheek, as he is already using
the bottle opener on his keychain, another gift from me, to open the bottle.

            “This would
be great in a—“
            “Way ahead
of you.” I smirk and pull out something wrapped in napkins. I unwrap it for him
and present to him one of his beer glasses.
What are you?” He is smiling widely as he takes the glass from me and fills it
with beer. “Wait, isn’t it illegal or something to drink out in the open?”
Barely anyone is here. We aren’t going to get in trouble, and anyways, since
when do you care about that?” I asserted, putting my hands on my hips.
“True.” A peck on the lips, quick,
but filled with love. I feel my heart leap and suddenly a fuzzy and warm
feeling fills me. I don’t care if I didn’t get that job, or that other job, I
don’t care that I’m working a crappy job in the mornings that leaves me
smelling like burnt coffee grinds, this is what I’m looking forward to. “So,
what did you make for our little lunch?”
“Well I made some roast beef
sandwiches and I packed some salads, with dressings on the side, mind you,
since I know you don’t like French dressing and I don’t like ranch dressing.
There are also some brownies from the tray we made yesterday. I figured you’d
like those. Plus napkins and the like, so we don’t make a big mess on our
“I think you’re forgetting

“The beer was the only surprise silly. I packed
this, so I’m pretty sure I’d know.” I stated, but Adam was already reaching
into the grocery bag, rummaging around. “What are you looking for?” I
questioned. He probably packed a special snack or dessert. Although, his hand
reemerged from the bland bag holding a small black box and my heart stopped.
Everything stopped. My breathing stopped. My mind stopped. I mean it when I saw
everything stopped. Even the background noise faded into nothingness and I
could hear was the beating of my heart as it sped up in my chest. Every girl
knows what it means when there is a black box.

Current writing playlist:
시간과 낙엽 Time and Fallen Leaves – Akdong Musician
Blank Space – Taylor Swift
All I Need is You – Rob Cantor
Motion Sickness – Call the Cops
Call it Off – Tegan and Sara
Mouthful of Diamonds – Phantogram
My Dearest – Supercell
Magnolia – Suilen

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By Jess

A bookworm since the tender age of whenever I stopped chewing on books and started actually reading them. A cat-mom, graphic designer, and introvert originally from Pittsburgh, but now resides in the humid, hot, state of Texas. Cheers!

  • Omg I love it so much!
    Also, your playlist is awesome.

  • Kay

    Love the scene you posted! And it's quite the accurate description of what happens when you see that black box. 😀 Good luck with the rest of the month!

  • Cute scene!! Is that black box what I think it is? You're going so well! Keep up the great work!

  • Such a cute scene!! <3

  • Thank you!

  • Hahahaha! I hoped that I got the feeling right, I wanted it to be obvious, without being overly obvious!

  • The black box is probably what you think it is! Thank you!

  • Thank you! 🙂

  • Eek this is amazing!!! The scene you wrote is so so cute.