Books for Breakfast #52

Book Reviews

This time I read:
The Divorce Papers by Susan Rieger
I feel like divorce and failed marriages have been a big plot point in books I’ve been reading recently and it’s the biggest plot point in this book as well. The Divorce Papers was a thrilling read though, even though it made me a little bit freaked out about marriage. My favorite part of this book, hand’s down, was the writing style. The story is told through a collection of interoffice memos, handwritten notes, e-mails, newspaper clippings, and law documents. It doesn’t have any actual narration of the characters at all. I found this amazing because you are gleaning all your ideas and feelings towards the characters only through their written communication. It made me wonder how people would think of me if they only got to judge me based on my written content, which is different than my blog, since that also has pictures and what not. It’s an interesting way to build up characters. 
I really enjoyed reading this book though and it certainly made me never want to get divorced in the future. Work through your problems! Talk more! Don’t ignore your problems for too long! Reading the legal documents was really interesting, it feels like I got an inside view into what lawyers deal with and man, it must suck to be a divorce lawyer in real life! Anytime the story mentioned the daughter, only 11 years old, I wanted to cry! I was never involved first hand in a divorce, so I can’t really relate to the stories, but it’s clear that divorce is terrible when a young child is involved! Also, I couldn’t help but love the wife (Mia) and hate her husband (Daniel), who served her the divorce papers….at a restaurant in front of friends/peers!! I would be livid if that happened to me! 
The book also provides a look into what divorce and life, in some regards, is like for people in the upper middle class. Divorces with lots of capital can get pretty messy and even the most trivial details seem to be argued over. 
Still, my favorite part by far is the way this book was written, which I know I already spoke about. It gives such an interesting look at the characters in so many different settings! Hand written notes to loved one, interoffice memos, and e-mails to friends about social going ons. I love Sophie, the lawyer and mainly every character! You even grow to like some characters that you hate in the start (at least I did!) but, in the end, I still disliked Daniel, he was big jerk the entire time. As the reader, you constantly wonder why Mia married him in the first place! 
Overall, I really enjoyed this book! Even if it did make me a bit scared of marriage/divorce! If you’re looking for a fresh way of reading a story, this takes the cake! 
Next on my reading list are: The Golem and The JinniOrphan Train

Disclosure: I received this book for free in exchange for my review from Blogging for Books.

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