NaNoWriMo Failure


This year I was hoping that I would be able to beat all odds and finish NaNoWriMo, aka writing 50,000 words in the month of November. Sadly, I was not able to meet my goal and only made it a little past the halfway point with 25, 531 words. Now, that’s not to say I’m not proud of myself for making it that far, since that’s still pretty good considering I worked, did freelancing projects, housework, napped a lot, and cooked Thanksgiving and entertained guests a few times at a potluck and other gatherings. So, instead of dwelling on one failure, let’s look at all the years I’ve managed to fail (and the one time I won) NaNoWriMo!
The only time I managed to finish NaNoWriMo was my freshman year of college. When I had all the energy in the world and it was also my first ever NaNoWriMo and I was so pumped and told myself that I’d complete it, so by golly I did! Since then, well, it hasn’t been so swell. 
My original NaNoWrimo has since been edited and revisited a bunch of times, but I’m still not 100% happy with it. It’s currently sitting in my stories folder at 53,916 words. After many parts were taken out, rewritten, and what have not. 
My second NaNoWriMo actually got lost when my hard drive crashed, although I have the entire thing printed out as a hard copy, so I don’t know the word count, but I can’t actually staple it together since it has too many pages to staple through. I’d like to revisit it though and flesh it out!
My third NaNoWriMo is still sitting at 20,146 words. (although parts of it were also lost in my hard drive crash) I am actually really fond of this story, although I’ve yet to finish it. I was really busy this particular year in college and just couldn’t give it the time and attention that it rightfully deserved. I still read it over now and then and make little edits, telling myself that I’ll complete it one day.
My fourth NaNoWriMo isn’t even worth mentioning. It didn’t even get off the ground. All it ended up being was an idea in a word document with just under 1,000 words. My heart just wasn’t in the story. I couldn’t figure out where to go with it. I couldn’t think of a good conflict or climax scene, and I was also in my senior year and super busy with school work. 
And, well, you all know the story of my fifth NaNoWriMo, since I’ve been covering that on the blog this month! Although, I don’t just write only in November, I’ve written a lot of stories that have and haven’t been completed. Most are in random states of disrepair. Some are short stories that are barely a page long but are complete, and others have dragged on for ages and have yet to actually reach a conclusion. Some are fan fiction, but most are original characters and storylines. 
Did anyone complete NaNoWriMo this year? Do you enjoy writing?

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By Jess

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  • Celeste

    Nanowrimo is quite the challenge. I've attempted it once or twice and my stories barely got off the ground. Have you ever shared what your previous stories were? I know I'd be interested in learning. : D

  • Kay

    NaNoWriMo sounds so challenging, so I think what you accomplished is great! It's definitely something to be proud of! Do you plan on continuing your story even though NaNoWriMo is wrapped up?

  • Angela Wiebe

    Congrats on making it to 25,531! I am glad you are proud of yourself for making it that far, because that alone is a huge accoplishment!

  • Well done regardless! I've never even tried (though have wanted to) so you did much better than me!
    My friend did it last year (well he does it every year but) and tried to do a "choose your own adventure" story – you know, like "if you choose this option, turn to pay 539" kind of thing. He didn't get very far with it because of course it requires ALL the planning.

  • Better to have failed at trying than to not even have tried at all, I always say! Don't feel too bad, I finished at under 2k because photoshoots, a cold, bridesmaid duties and a broken laptop got in the way.

  • I've never shared what my previous stories were before, but that's a good idea! I'll have to plan a post about that! 🙂

  • I think I'll come back to it now and then to work on it! I have so many stories I'm still dallying along with, but I really liked this idea!

  • Thank you! I am proud of getting that far!

  • I know! How do they expect us to write a novel during the holidays!!? It's so hard!!

  • That would be so intense to write! I don't think I could actually do a story like that! The only thing I think I'd be able to manage would be a story with different endings haha! That's awesome that he tried to write one of those though!

  • I agree! It was a busy month! It sounds like you had a really, really busy month!

  • I am so glad NaNo is over, I got to 30,000 and I'm going to keep going.

  • That's how I feel too! I'm glad that I got as far as I did, and I'm happy with the story so far!!

  • It's great that you're going to keep writing even though November is over!!

  • I think that'd be a fun novel to read actually! Like a biography through blog posts? That'd be really cool!!