The Winning Print!

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I just wanted to share this print that I created for the winner of the last sponsor spotlight giveaway! I was really proud of how this turned out! I also figured I could also share a bit about my creative process this way as well! Since, as an artist it’s fun to share with people how you work, since every artist works a bit differently on projects. We all have our own style!

 I tend to start with base scribbles, kinda like shapes. Then from there I pencil in things in more detail until I get my base image complete. I normally have to edit it multiple times, sit it down, come back to it and look it over, change it again, and then when I’m finally satisfied, I move onto creating the final image.

Now, my final images come about two different ways. One) I scan in the pencil sketch and work over it digitally in either illustrator or in photoshop (depending on the effect that I want in the final) Two) I re work it in copics. If you don’t know what Copic markers are, well, they are these magical art markers that (in my humble opinion) remind me of watercolors when they are on the paper. They blend beautifully and they were worth every single penny! The art supply store by my apartment stocks them, and it takes so much will power to not go in every day and buy a new color to add to my collection. THEY ARE MY LIFE!!!

Anyways, so for this one, I worked it over in Copic markers. That means I have to set down base layers first, and then I add the colors over top of each other, layer by layer to achieve a nice effect! Sometimes, after this step, I’ll be done. The image is on paper and complete. Although, other times, I’ll move scan it into photoshop/lightroom and change some colors, add white speckles, or whatever else may be needed! I was really pleased with this image, but I needed to print it on some thicker and more high quality paper to get it ready to be shipped!

And that is how I create my portraits! As a shameless plug, I’ll mention that you can order one of these for yourself or someone else at my Etsy shop! (The link is over there on the right in my sidebar!) They make wonderful presents!

By Jess

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  • I love your style and getting a sneak peek at the behind the scenes of it all 🙂

  • Kay

    So lovely! I adore getting to see other artist's process, so I'm loving this post! 😀 Copic markers are at the tippy top of my wanted art supplies list….I am dying to try them, and must invest in some!

  • The markers sound really cool and your art turned out amazing! 🙂


  • I will be plugging you SO MUCH! The print is simply gorgeous!

  • Love seeing your creative process!

  • Thank you! 🙂

  • Copic Markers are SO AMAZING! Ask for some for Christmas! Tis the season!

  • They are my favorite markers! Thank you!

  • 😀 Aw! Thank you so much!!!

  • Thank you! It's fun to share my process on the blog!

  • You are amazing! This print is beautiful and romantic!

  • Amazinggggg.

  • Thank you! I really loved how it turned out!

  • Thank you so much! 😀