Fictional Fridays #2

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It’s time for the second fictional fridays! I hope everyone enjoyed the first one! Hopefully this series will end up being a lot better than Favorite Fridays (which even I found kind of boring). I really enjoyed writing last week’s post and I hope everyone enjoyed it as well! I’ve never had a link up before, but I think that it will be a nice addition to the blog! 
Today, I’m going to talk about my favorite book cover! I’m a graphic designer, so I’m really drawn to books with eye-catching cover designs. I’d be lying if I said I don’t judge books by their covers. I’ve certainly picked up books just because they have great cover designs, or opted to get the hardcover over the softcover for the cover design, or vice versa. 
My all time favorite covers probably belong to Lolita. A lot of designers have made some amazing cover designs for this book. This is one of my favorites, it’s so powerful, yet minimal. Sadly, my copy of Lolita doesn’t have a wicked awesome cover and that makes me pretty sad. 
There were a LOT of books this year that really grabbed my attention cover wise. 

I mean LOOK at these beauties! Not to mention the illustration on that last one! GORGEOUS! Honestly, as a designer, I really hope that one day I can design a book cover. I think that would be my dream. Then I’d buy a million copies of said book, just to brag. Hell, I’d hand them out when I met people, like so: 
“Oh hey there, aren’t you a designer?”
“Why yes, good sir, here is a book.”
That’s how I’d imagine the conversation might go. Anyways, I really adore book cover design. I feel like in some cases the cover can actually make or break a book. Something with a terrible cover might not get picked over something with a seller cover design. It’s a design eat design world out there! 
I’ll end my rant with this BREATH TAKING version of Journey to the Center of the Earth. I love paper art and this is such an amazing design. There are so many layers and it sucks you right into the middle! 
Do you have a favorite book cover?? I’d love it if you shared! 
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  • Kay

    These are such excellent choices!!! I was immediately grabbed by Parasite (by Mira Grant). Also, I very much enjoy the cover of Magical Thinking…moreso the image used, not where the text is. Although I am definitely an artsy gal, I am SO not a designer.

  • That Jules Verne cover sounds even more awesome in person!

  • These are fantastic! I love a good book cover! I specifically picked the British version of Attachments when buying it from Book Depository because I liked that cover better than the American version!

  • Love this linkup idea! You know, I've never read Lolita. I really need to get on that…

  • I judge books by their cover too! One of my favorite book cover designs is for The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly (which is an amazing book, by the way). All of the cover designs are great but my favorite is this one:

  • I will have to look those up!! I love book cover designs!!

  • I am so guilty of buying different versions based on their covers!!

  • That cover is SO AWESOME!! I totally agree! Thank you for sharing!!

  • thedailymiacis

    I enjoy a good cover too! In fact when I buying a book I tend to look for the several editions that exist and look for the one that I like and that I can but also! That last cover you put it looks like it's the Portuguese cover. 🙂

  • I've actually never read it either, but I always see the cover designs and I love them! We talked about some of the covers in my design classes, I have the book on my shelf, ready to read though!

  • I do the same!! I wasn't sure what language that was, but thanks for letting me know!! It's such an awesome cover design!!