The Perfect Cup of Coffee Part 1

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You know, for how many baristas write on this blog (its two by the way), we really don’t talk about coffee all that much. So I think it’s time we did that!

Everyone has their preferred method of brewing and their own little tricks that make theirs the perfect cup. Personally, I probably get most use out of my 4 cup french press but that’s more a factor of always being in a hurry more than anything else. I’m somewhat of a coffee hobbyist and I have several preferred ways to brew, depending on how much time I have to wait and how much cleaning I want to do afterwards.

The coffee armada

In this post, I’m going to talk about the big glass bubble on the right side there. It’s called a percolator, and it’s the most scientific cup of coffee you can drink.

A percolator is basically just a big Mr. Coffee Teapot. You fill the bottom with the right amount of water and the top with the right amount of coffee and a filter, set the whole thing to boil, and you let the vapor pressure do the rest.

I’ve found that the percolator works best on a fine grind

Basically as your water boils, the steam builds up pressure in the bottom chamber, forcing the hot water up the central stem to the top chamber, where it will continue to boil as long as it is on the heat.

Here’s how you start the process

The coffee will steep while it boils
The draining process begins

As it boils, your coffee steeps and once you’ve reached the desired time, you remove it from heat and let the pressure die down. Your finished coffee falls through the filter back down the stem to collect in the bottom chamber.
And it looks delicious
Ah sweet nectar

The percolator makes a great cup of coffee and usually makes enough to share. Unfortunately it can take 10-15 minutes to make a cup since you have to boil the water on a fairly low temp so you don’t burn the coffee. It also has a lot of parts so the clean up usually takes some time. This tends to be my weekend morning brew method, since it is just too hard to find the time on the weekends!

Do you have a favorite coffee brewing method? I’ll be sharing another way to brew soon!

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