Korea Update #1

Travel Diaries

After a grueling 20+ hours of travel, by almost all means except for boat, I arrived in Ulsan, South Korea….more specifically, in Dong-gu. 
We are REALLY close to the ocean, it’s pretty awesome! There is also a Hyundai factory close by too, and it’s HUGE! So anyways….let’s see, I guess I could talk a little about the plane ride. So first, Alex was a dear and dropped me off SUPER early at the airport, I’m talking 5am early. I then flew to Dallas, TX, a 3 hour flight, before catching my connecting flight to Icheon. The food on the plane to Korea was actually really great, I was pleasantly surprised! 

Day 0: After landing in Korea, after a 15 hour flight, I met up with Sarah right after I came out of the baggage claim! It was a little surreal to see her after so long! (five months!) Not to mention, there weren’t many foreigners, so it was easy to pick her out of the crowd. We then had to catch a subway to the train station in Seoul, about 1 hour, so that we could then get on a train to Ulsan. The train ride was about 3 hours and we ate snacks on it! They were soft cookies shaped like fish with chocolate inside!

Day 1: My first actual full day in Korea! Sarah decided to take me to the beach! There is SO much sea glass there that I filled up my pockets like a crazy person, because it doesn’t seem like anyone else is interested in it. I guess I’m just that crazy foreigner picking up trash on the beach now, oh well! Then we went hiking through a little park (not really little) where we climbed on some rocks, saw the ocean some more, and saw four stray cats climbing on the rocks! I was SO excited! We ended the day eating pizza and the guy working there said “Bye bye!” really cute like when we left and I almost melted.  It was my second time riding a bus, they move the second you step onto them and I almost fell multiple times! The other thing that was weird to me is that they build up in Korea, so I had to go up this scary staircase to get to the pizza place, but then the inside of the pizza place was so nice! 

Day 2: I basically already settled into some habits here! Every morning I wake up with Sarah, walk her to the crosswalk, part ways with her and walk up the street to Paris Baguette to get breakfast and lunch, then I walk home and settle in on the bed to watch shows online, and laze around! Then when Sarah gets off from teaching we do something different! Today we went back into the little city by the beach to buy some candles! I found a Starbucks and got some mugs, which was on my to-buy list! Then we ate chicken! They have HUGE portions though, that are meant to be eaten by at least four people. You always eat out in groups, it’s hard to eat out alone!

Day 3: After my morning rituals, which now include lighting and blowing out the candles when I leave/enter the apartment, we went down to the ocean here in Dong-gu to eat pasta at a western style restaurant! It was really adorable looking inside and the food was so good! I noticed they had a sweet potato latte on their menu and I almost ordered it, but then I chickened out because…doesn’t it sound so weird?! We walked back and stopped by the little convenience store by Sarah’s apartment and got fish shaped ice-cream sandwiches! They have ice-cream and red bean paste in them! The lady there gave us free fruit too, although, it was weird to eat. 
Day 4: When Sarah got off work we decided to go get chicken at the place next door, but no one was inside so we walked all the way back to the ocean side area we went to the night before. I found a cute little cafe called Luna, and Sarah had never been there before, so we just went for it! I finally had that sweet potato latte!!! It was actually REALLY tasty! I’m serious!!
So I took a car, plane, subway, train, and bus to get to where I am now! So crazy!! I had some major jet lag, obviously, Pittsburgh is 14 hours behind me, so I have to be nocturnal. I’m a day ahead half the time, which is strange! It’s a little hard to adjust to, but so far I’ve been doing pretty good!!

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