Fictional Fridays #4

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Huzzah! It’s my first Fictional Friday! During my time here on the blog I’m going to try and branch out from the typical book related posts and discuss some other media of fiction. Let’s go!
For the holidays my family (the Bookworm included) all pitched in to get me a Playstation 4. Since then, I’ve done almost nothing with my days but play The Last of Us. I’ve got to be honest, while I’ve always been a fan of zombie horror stories, it has never been my most favorite story type. I’m a big character drama person so for me the typical high-speed thriller rarely does it. What makes The Last of Us so special is its two main Characters, Ellie and Joel.
!!!!!Potential Spoilers Ahead!!!!!

In the beginning of the story, Joel loses his young daughter in an attack from a soldier. The story then advances 20 years to Joel being a bitter old man in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Soon after we pick the story up, Joel meets Ellie and the two embark on a cross-country journey through hordes of undead.
What makes the dynamic between these two really fun to watch is that Ellie is 14 years old. She hasn’t known any world but the zombie-infested one. As a result, she tends to look at the world with the innocence of a child even while blowing the heads off of undead and people alike. During their journey, it becomes Joel’s job to educate her on the world that was and step in as a father figure.
The effect this relationship has on the player is astounding. By watching these characters grow and develop, the game becomes much more than just your typical survival horror game. As Joel, you become attached to Ellie in a way that doesn’t quite feel virtual. When you get separated, the game feels more tense and scary. When Ellie’s in trouble the controls just don’t feel as smooth, even though it’s probably just my imagination.
!!!!!Potential Spoilers Are Probably Over!!!!!

This game really makes you care about the characters in a way that causes the drama to have an effect on how you experience the game. You really don’t want anything to happen to them, and it makes the game that much more immersive.
I haven’t actually finished it yet, but I’m flying through it. I can’t put it down! That said, knowing this type of story I’ll bet the ending is just going to break me. I’m becoming way too attached to these two!

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  • I'm in the middle of playing The Last of Us as well and I'm completely hooked by the characters! I've been playing it sporadically thought because I know the ending will indeed destroy me. If I prolong it, it won't happen…soon…ish.

  • The Last of Us is such a great game! I only saw parts of it on YouTube, but everyone I know recommended it to me so far!
    Miss Blue Eyes

  • I'm 95% a PC gamer so I don't have a Playstation…but I think The Last of Us looks so cool! I definitely feel like I'm missing out, hahah.

  • Wow this game looks fantastic! Great visuals! My brothers really want this game!

  • Kay

    I was OBSESSED with this game. My brother got it for my birthday last year and I could not stop playing. The interaction between Joel and Ellie is just so lovely, and I loved how intense the game was. I also really enjoyed that often times, I found the remaining humans far scarier than the zombies – I feel like in a real zombie apocalypse situation that could absolutely be the truth. I hope you enjoy the rest of it! It was by far one of the best games I've played in a long time.

  • Alex

    So I actually did end up finishing this before this post went up. All I'll say is, the ending did in fact break my heart, but definitely not how I was expecting. Nice surprise since I think these kinds of stories can be pretty predictable.

  • Alex

    I seriously couldn't get enough! I powered right through it!

  • Alex

    For whatever reason, I've always been a console guy. I think because I've always liked having a machine dedicated to playing games and that's just not practical with a PC. Not to mention it's so much cheaper to have a console rather than a gaming-worthy PC.

  • Alex

    They should get it! It's such a treat to play. Somehow this game really makes you get the full experience of emotions, it's incredible!

  • Alex

    I actually finished it before this was posted and forgot to edit it! I agree, the humans are far more terrifying which I think is one of the big points of this game. But the intensity of the stress you experience in those situations is so incredibly real, I don't even know how the creators pulled that off! This is definitely one of the few games I would call a true work of art.

  • Kay

    100% agreed. There were times I had to take a break from playing, just to kind of decompress a bit before I could continue. I adore it when I can get that many feels from a game!

  • Now I'm even more intrigued!