The Perfect Cup of Coffee Part 2

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Hi everyone, I’m back to talk more about coffee because I quite literally can’t discuss it enough.

This week, we’re going to talk about the Moka Pot!

The Moka Pot is a wonderful little device that has been called the “poor person’s espresso maker”. The reason I put this in quotes is because it kind of makes espresso. It makes a small batch of fairly concentrated coffee that fills a little more than half of a standard 8 oz coffee mug. It does so by a similar method to the percolator. The Moka Pot has three chambers, one for water, one for coffee, and one for the finished product. Again, the water boils in the bottom and the vapor pressure forces it up through the coffee until it collects in the top chamber. So it is sort of like espresso in that pressure forces water through coffee grounds, but this is a totally different magnitude of pressure so the final product is nowhere near as concentrated as an espresso shot.

Let’s take a look at the method:

First, put a wet paper towel in the freezer. We’ll need it later.

Again, we want to use a fine grind here 

Place the middle coffee chamber in the bottom water chamber and assemble the whole thing

Wait patiently for coffee

Remove from heat and quickly kill the boil with that cold paper towel or else the whole thing will turn in to a vicious coffee fountain when it over boils!


 The Moka Pot takes a little while to master. It is a much more active brewing method than the percolator or even a basic french press. You need to stand by it the whole time and watch for when the coffee begins to come out. Once the dripping coffee becomes a nice honey color you need to stop the whole thing from boiling like I showed above. It takes practice, but it may just be my favorite quick-brew method. The coffee is strong, it doesn’t take long to make, and its the perfect little pick-me-up for mid day, since it only takes a few minutes to drink it all down.

Up next, I’ll be discussing a more common method of brewing, the french press. Do you use one? What is your secret? Let me know in the comments!

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  • Beks

    I've always wondered how those things worked. I kind of want one just to build a coffee collection. 😀

  • Wow this was such a beautiful post. I don't have anything other than my 5 cup Mr. Coffee pot. I did add a grinder to my coffee collection, though, so that I can have freshly ground coffee! (My grandma got it for me, let's be real.) I don't know if I'd have the patience for this method of coffee brewing, I'd love to try it though!

  • Ana Valentin

    I just have a Keurig but I plan on investing in a coffee grinder and perhaps a french press to make my coffee in the future. Although I have to admit the Keurig can make a fine cup of joe when its a good K cup. Great post!

  • Taylor Yates

    I don't think I've ever heard of this one! The actual skill needed to use this one scares me a little though lol. May have to wait until I'm more of a coffee master to tackle it. Great post!!


  • Man, thanks for this because I didn't know what those pots were called or how they work.

  • Alex

    That's exactly how mine got started. Moka pots are much more commonplace than many coffee makers. I'd say they're probably the next thing people tend to move to after a french press.

  • Alex

    A grinder is essential no matter how you make your coffee! Since Jess is a barista the pounds of coffee tend to stack up at our place, even faster than I can drink it! If I didn't have a grinder it would all just go to waste!

  • Alex

    I love the convenience of the Keurig but when I had one, I got about one good year out of it before it started to pull the wrong amount of water and make some really not great coffee. I love having complete control over the process. That way I know what I'm going to get!

  • Alex

    It does take a little while to get just right, but once you get your formula, it's like muscle memory. I've gotten so good at using my moka pot unconsciously that it takes about 5 minutes total now! All I had to do was look at a couple sources online for brewing suggestions and practice a few times. After about a week or two I'd done it enough to make it the same every time.

  • Alex

    They make some deliciously thick, dark coffee! And it's so neat to watch it happen

  • I have a Moka Pot but obviously don't master it! These tips are certainly going to help a lot!

  • Alex

    Glad to help! Honestly for me it comes down to three big things:
    1) The coffee should be finely ground, but not too fine!
    2) Don't pack it down in the funnel, just level it off and let it sit loose.
    3) Stop the boil with a cold wet towel right when the coffee coming out reaches honey color.
    It takes a bit of practice, but can certainly be mastered pretty quickly! Happy caffeinating!