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Alright guys. Let’s talk Final Fantasy.
I promised that I would talk about my favorite video game fandom, and here it is. I began my Final Fantasy journey when I was five or six years old when Final Fantasy VII was released in the US. Admittedly it was probably not the best idea to let a six year old play what is probably one of Square’s most mature video games, but by golly if it didn’t just light the JRPG fire in my little heart! At the time I didn’t get very far in the game (six year olds only have so much strategy in them), but I was hooked from the first attempt. Ever since then I’ve been a fiend for the Final Fantasy series and all that it entails. To date, I’ve played all of the main numbered titles, and a few of the spin-offs as well.
This picture can be found next to “cash cow” in the dictionary.
The series is just so huge and there’s such a large shared mythology and a tremendous amount of world-building that go into each game that it’s hard not to love! I know that whenever I purchase one of these games, I’m probably good to go for the next couple of months. There’s just so much to see in each title. In fact, some of the games are so big that side quests from 2000’s Final Fantasy IX have only recently been found!
Not to mention all of the fan theories and discussion that occur around the games. This is a community that has been going at it since 1987. We’ve had a lot to consider. Take for instance the Squall is Dead or Rinoa is Ultimecia theories that turn Final Fantasy VIII into one of the more intriguing stories rather than the overall failure most seem to think it was (full disclosure, it’s my favorite title in the series).
I mean come on, these two are just too adorable.
So hop on your best chocobo, call up all your tonberry friends, high-five your favorite iteration of Bahamut, and raise a glass to Square for giving us this great franchise!
Okay maybe leave the tonberries at home. Those guys are awful.

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  • Kay

    I happen to be on the FFVII train for all time favorite Final Fantasy game ever. I was at the perfect age when I played it (10) and I just FELL IN LOVE with the story. As a kid who loved to read, and loved video games already, discovering a game like that was the epitome of excellence. Plus, the gameplay. I STILL love it. FFVII was also the first Final Fantasy I played, and I think that also has a lot to do with my love for it. It's still one of my favorites to re-play today!

  • lol what a fun post. tonberries are the worst! so are the cactaurs with their 1,000 needles attack. My first game was IX! I loved it and am replaying it right now 🙂


  • The only ones I finished were Final Fantasy VII and Dirge of Cerberus! I'm not sure if those two really count, hahah. I really enjoyed them, though! I tried some of the other games and they weren't really my thing 🙁 Right now I'm replaying Saints Row IV before Gat Out of Hell comes out!

  • I Loved Final Fantasy VII and VIII, but I couldn't get into the other ones. I don't know why but I could stand Lightning in the newer one.

  • VII-IX are my favorites (though I've still got to get my hands on VI!) and I grew up with them as well. Even though VII is usually the fan/world favorite, I'm still in love with its storyline and characters, and the gameplay! And music! God, the music is glorious…

  • Alex

    I think I was a little young when I started it. Something about it, maybe the whole gritty aesthetic or the grisly Shinra HQ ending, HORRIFIED ME. I never really made it out of Midgar at first! It wasn't until I was probably 11 or 12 that I picked it up again and actually finished it. But in the meantime I did actually play VIII and IX.

  • Alex

    I flip flop on whether I love VIII or IX the most. I think I like the characters and very different story type in VIII. But I have a special place in my heart for IX since it was basically the 20th anniversary game and is just full of references to the fandom and the past games. It really captures the essence of what the franchise is supposed to be about.

  • Alex

    VII is a classic and widely regarded as the best in the franchise. It definitely counts! I never had a chance to play Dirge of Cerberus or really any of the VII spin-offs. I do appreciate that they wanted to expand on the universe and really give some back story that, as far as prequels and sequels go, really maintained continuity with the original story. But I just never have been a fan of the non-numbered titles. I love the game play of the main series and the spin-offs tend to be the titles where they experiment with confusing new game mechanics that often just feel clunky or not well done.

  • Alex

    I agree, XIII was very strange. As much as I love the aesthetic of the game (the whole cyberpunk meets high fantasy thing), they took a serious departure from the traditional Final Fantasy experience. I don't know that I have anything against the characters or the story per se, but they were certainly more limited in scope. The stories tend to start in one place and end up somewhere completely different. With XIII, you pretty much knew what was happening the whole time and it didn't divert much. It felt very small in scope.

  • Alex

    You should give X a try if you haven't yet! VII-X to me are the golden age of Final Fantasy games. They actually just did an HD remake of it on PS3 last year! Here's hoping they port it to PS4 so I get a chance to experience it. I sadly skipped the last generation of Playstations.

  • I've played X, though I've yet to beat it, but for some reason it just doesn't draw me in like the others did. I feel like Final Fantasy games were the reason I so diligently kept up with new generations of Playstations, haha. Sad, but Sony wins on that one.