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This update is going to be short, why is that? I’m not bringing my laptop with me to Japan! Why Jess, why? Because we are staying in hostels while we are traveling around there, so I don’t feel comfortable carrying it around/leaving it in a hostel during the day. Now, my camera on the other hand will never be leaving my side, so of course I’m bringing that. GOING TO TAKE PICTURES OF EVERYTHING!!!! So, without further ado, my weekend in South Korea, preparing for the the trip to Japan, and then…I’ll see you next time!! 
Day 12: Today is was rainy yet again, but the forecast tells me that today is the last rainy day! Wahoo! Back to sunshine and normal winter temperatures! (40s to 50s in the day time, and the 20s during the night) I’m missing out on a terrible winter back in Pittsburgh, so I’m happy for the 40 degree days here!! Tonight we went to a pizza place that Sarah always wanted to try, but was always busy. Although, we didn’t order pizza there, and instead got pasta. It was tasty, I had the crab meat cream, but there is another pasta place that was better! There was another table with some foreigners there though, that was kinda of funny! 
Day 13: I get to…HELP SARAH TEACH TODAY! I am SO excited! I’ve met a few of her kids before, since sometimes they walk home with her, and then we part ways at the intersection and I follow Sarah home. They are all really cute and the one little boy always practices his English speaking to us! Yesterday he asked me if I was hungry, and I was haha! Then we talked about favorite foods. Adorable. So anyways, the teaching day started with me taking off my shoes and putting on the guest slippers. I got to help teach 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade! It was the last day of winter camp, which is different than actual school. Winter camp is something that kids can sign up for, kind of like extra lessons, so the class sizes are smaller and 3rd and 4th get taught together and there is one 5th grader in with the 6th graders too! 
So, I was Jessica Teacher for the day! We played games like bowling with water bottles, flip cup (I’ll explain more later), and basketball with a box for the 5th and 6th graders! We also danced the cha cha slide once, that was pretty fun. The little 3rd grade girls loved me and always gave me high fives, held my hand, and played with my hair. Too cute!! I played Uno with the 6th/5th graders and won both games, I’m such a pro! It was seriously, so much fun!! 
Day 14: Today we ventured to Busan early in the morning! The bus we took to the train station took about an hour, but the train ride to Busan is super short (only 20 min!) so we had a long time to spend in Busan! Our return train left at 5:50. The original plan was to see a temple, the aquarium, shop, and go to a park, but…..then we got lost. Yep. You guessed it! We got off at the wrong stop heading towards the temple and weren’t quite sure where we were headed. Sarah’s iPhone battery died and my phone only works with wifi signals, of which there were none. So after walking up and down the main road a while, we hailed a taxi that took up to the temple. The temple was SO AWESOME! It’s my first time seeing one, so I was pretty awestruck. It’s right by the sea, so it has some gorgeous views! It was pretty busy, but then again, it’s still pretty close to the new year, so there was a service going on. I paid a visit to my birth year statue (the ram/sheep)! 
After we went to the aquarium, which was AWESOME! In line I got sorta hit on by a super drunk guy that spoke half-way decent broken english. He asked why I was in Korea, said I was pretty, and that his brother works in Ulsan building (or working on) the big boats for Hyundai (i think?) and also that he was on holiday. Then he gave me a fist bump and let us cut him in line. He had a can of Heineken with a straw in it, if you haven’t guessed already, you can bring booze in everywhere. Anyways, the aquarium was so awesome! I’m sad that the octopus was hiding though, I love octopi! But the shark tunnel was really awesome and the jellyfish exhibit was super rad! I got to touch a starfish and we took a bunch of selfies! Then we ate dinner at a place called Bulgogi Brothers and had heart shaped bulgogi, which was cute! 
Since we got so lost and had to rely on me finding wifi in Starbucks to figure out which bus to take, we didn’t shop or go to the park, but those were last on the list anyways. I got to see the temple, which was the main thing! It was a fun day trip!
Day 15: Sunday, fun-day! It’s actually a really lazy Sunday. We are preparing to head to Japan tomorrow! We already booked our KTX tickets and planned out how to get to the airport (which is in Busan) and how to get to our Hostel in Osaka from the airport there! Phew! The flight is pretty short, only about an hour and 30 min or so! We celebrated our upcoming vacation to Japan by buying an AWESOME cake from Paris Baguette and drinking some Soju that we bought from the convince store! It’s a packing party! Wahoo! 
Day 16: On the flight to Japan! See you next time!! If you’re curious as to what I’m up to in Japan and just can’t wait until I’m back in Korea, you can always check out my Instagram, where I will be posting pictures where ever I get wifi service! @bookwormsindresses  

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