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Welcome Mallory of Chromo Beauty to the blog! She started her blog at age thirteen (wow!!) and blogs about fashion and lifestyle! She has a lot of great posts about how to find what makes you happy! Check her blog out and give her a follow!! This book is also going on my To-Read list right now!
The last week of school before winter break is always hectic. At my high school, we take exams ALL day, get no social time, and are basically expected to just be quiet and do what we’re told for that last week. And that’s why I got many a grim expression when I yelled thanks to someone across the classroom because my friend walking past me on her way to her seat slipped a book in my lap and whispered “Merry Christmas!”

I’m a major bookworm. My friends see me with a different book each day and ask how I ever finish them so fast. But no matter how fast I get through them, I will ALWAYS get excited about a new one. The book she gave me was Wonder by R.J. Palacio, and I was MAJORLY excited. I’d heard some pretty awesome things about this book, and when I read the description on the slipcover, it was all I could do not to give her a bear hug. Could anyone know me better?

The book centers around August Pullman, a young boy born with a facial deformity. His face is enough of an abnormality that his parents had always kept him out of public schools- until now. When August turned ten, his parents decide it’s time for him to enroll in public school to begin fifth grade. August tries to fit in with other children his age, but most of his peers are too repelled by his appearance to give him a chance. Wonder is the story of August’s transition into the real world outside his home and how it affects those around him.

I finished this book in less than a day, which is expected since it’s only 320 pages with fairly large text and an incredibly alluring plot.  August begins the novel himself, but the perspective shifts from his to the ones of his friends, family, and peers throughout the course of the novel. You experience life with him through the thoughts and feelings of those who surround him, and it’s fascinating to see the way people process his abnormality.
The thing about this book that most fascinated me was how extraordinarily well it was told. It sucks you in (kind of like Tom Riddle’s diary in Harry Potter), and it’s like you’re part of the story. You feel like you’re the best friend of whoever is narrating at that time, and they’re telling you about their lives. You come to know the characters in a deeper sense than you do in most books, and while the character speaking at the moment may express certain feelings toward others at times, your opinion could change drastically at any time once you see the world through their eyes. Books like these are what make reading such an amazing experience, and I’d encourage ANYONE, book lover or not, to give this one a chance.

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