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Well everyone, we’re coming up on the end of my time here on Bookworms in Dresses. So I figured I should spend this very special post, potentially my last Fictional Friday [Note for Clarity: The series will continue, but Jess will be taking the reigns back soon] talking about my biggest fandom of all. What fandom could possibly be my favorite ever?
Yep, it’s Battlestar Galactica
I promise the show looks a lot better than this picture does.
BSG is a special series. The kind that doesn’t come around often. I mean, it’s not everyday you get a cable TV show with HBO level production quality that tells an epic tale and actually completes it in a reasonable amount of time (80 40-min episodes). It just doesn’t happen.
Battlestar Galactica tells the tale of [PILOT EPISODE SPOILER] a fleet of the last remaining humans as they search for a new home following the nuclear holocaust that lays waste to their home. There are tons of space dogfights, political subplots, incredibly dynamic and unpredictable characters, and special effects galore. It’s kind of like a wartime political drama with an enormous budget set in outer space. What could go wrong?
In four seasons of plot? Lots of things.
If you’ve seen the show, you know what I’m trying to say here. (Source)
But all of the flashy effects aside, there are two places where BSG really shines: the music, and the characters.
The music was composed by Bear McCreary, and it’s just incredible. Not only did he write an incredible soundtrack for the show, but even maintained a blog detailing his approach to composing the music for each episode, which is a big plus for me for obvious reasons.
But the character development? That’s what makes this show so accessible. You don’t need to be a sci-fi junkie or really familiar with the genre at all to enjoy the show. There are no aliens who show up and screw things up for the rest of us. There are no lightsaber battles or ship to ship lasers (although they do use plain ballistic ammunition in space which, take it from a physicist, is unrealistic in its own way). There is just a fleet of people who are incredibly human. They have their flaws, they make mistakes, they struggle. There are no clear bad guys ever. This show isn’t about good versus evil, even if it seems that way at first. Although the show is set in space, this is very familiar drama. Each character starts in one place and becomes someone totally different by the end of the series (provided they make it that far).
Especially that posh looking mother-frakker in the middle there. Most interesting character I’ve ever seen on TV (Source)
Oh also they say “frak”, which apparently was good enough for the FCC. So there’s that.
If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend it. Unfortunately it was taken off of Netflix in the US last October, but I seem to remember hearing that it is still available in other countries.
The show begins with a 3 hour miniseries that served as a backdoor pilot. If you can find a way to watch that, give it a try. It was made before the series was confirmed, so it still wraps up like a good movie if you find its not something you see yourself committing to, but if you’re into it you’ll want to jump write in to the rest of the series from where the pilot leaves off. It serves as a great test!
Long live the Galactica. So say we all.

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  • Kay

    Adored this show, and I am SO glad you mentioned the music! I own the soundtracks for BSG as they are just so wonderful. Excellent to put on while making art. 🙂 Gaius is my hubs favorite, but I have to go with Kara. Her arcs were always my favorite, though I do have to say I was really dissatisfied with her ending! Really though, each and every character was so special and had their own amazing arcs. This series was such an amazing piece of television! Now I want to go watch it again…

  • Alex

    No lie, I've watched the show once a year for the last four years. I don't really know how it happens, it just does.

  • Okay, I want to officially hang out with you and Jess all the time. Between the books, the coffee, and the BSG, the two of you are officially on my list of favorites.

  • Alex


  • 🙂 We always need friends haha!