Travel Diaries: I lived in the Dong for a Month!

Travel Diaries

If you weren’t aware, perhaps you are a new reader, or you just never looked at my blog during January, I just recently returned from a month-long trip where I visited Sarah in South Korea and together we traveled to Japan! I kept diary style updates about my time there and what I did each day in my weekly updates, in case you missed them! (The one linked is week #1!) Our home base was Dong-gu, which is a section of Ulsan, South Korea! 
Living in another country for a month taught me a lot of things: 
1. You can never pack too many pairs of underwear
2. You can pack too much of basically everything else
3. Going to a country where you don’t know anything about the language is complicated 
4. Try to check out directions ahead of time with google maps, you never know when you won’t have wifi 
5. Places in Japan and Korea have free public wifi (Starbucks does too) but you have to register for a username/password prior to your visit!! 
6. You’ll be thankful for the strangest things back home (water pressure and trash bags) 
7. If you can figure out the subway/bus system, you will be golden 
8. Travel with someone who wants to do the same things you do (traveling with someone who wants to party and drink every night, while you want to sight see and go to sleep early will end in misery for all parties) 
9. Eating out all the time can be pricey, be prepared, budget yourself 

Sarah’s apartment was on a nice little street and really close to a convenience store where we would get snacks, drinks, and ice cream from time to time! She was also close to a Paris Baguette, which was where I ate breakfast practically every day I was in Korea. No lie. They are fantastic, there are some out in CA, if you ever get the chance to check them out. The rice doughnuts are the bomb diggity, especially the ones filled with cream cheese. Yummy. I will certainly miss the fun food there! 
The buses there are nice and cheap compared to Pittsburgh buses! A ride on the regular buses was only 1,200 won. (which is a rough comparison to about 1.10 USD) It’s a little more than a dollar cheaper than the buses here and they go quite a long way! 

I have a lot more to share about my travels! There was so much to see and do! Man oh man!

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  • Kay

    I think a full language barrier would be the scariest part of traveling to a new country! And I definitely agree about traveling with someone into doing the same things you are – I am definitely in the early bed and sightsee boat!

  • thedailymiacis

    Yeah I believe the language it's the worst! i've been on netherlands, and man, I have a good sense of direction but it was awfull trying to read someting fromt the tablets, and to be careful with bike lanes. And the second problem it's not knowing a native from the place, because they can say you every good place to go, and the cheaps, and the crazys 🙂

  • What are these rice doughnuts? I must have them.

  • I can't even fully describe them, there aren't enough words! They don't taste like normal doughnuts though, they are more dense, chewy, sweet, and covered in sugar! Plus, the filling is so creamy! Ah! They are just too good! I miss them!!

  • Thankfully Sarah has lived in Korea for about 6 months now, so she knew places to eat and a very tiny bit of Korean, so that made things easier! Plus, she knew what buses to take to get around! But the language barrier was still real, especially when I tried to order things off menu boards!

  • My blueberry scone is useless right now. USELESS.

  • Rice donuts?! Sounds like something I really need to try! And lol you totally can pack too much of everything besides underwear haha.

  • I fell into that boat of packing way too much of everything! Bah! Rice doughnuts were SO good!!