Travel Diaries: Ilsan Beach

Travel Diaries

One of the first things I did in South Korea was go to Ilsan Beach with Sarah! It was SUCH an adventure and I got SO much beach glass that it was outrageous. I’m assuming that beach glass isn’t a big thing there, unlike it is over here Stateside. It was a nice little walk along the beach. There were some boats floating out there and it wasn’t crowded at all, then again, it was in the middle of winter….

From the beach, we ventured up some stairs into a park. The park is called Daewangam Park and it is full of amazing photo ops! The water looked so clear and blue that it took my breath away! The rock cliffs reminded me a lot of central California. We weren’t really prepared for all the walking/hiking/climbing on rocks, but we did it anyways and wore ourselves out. It was beyond worth it though! I have so many amazing photos! 

The real high light of this little excursion was seeing the cliff dwelling kitties! My goal while in Korea was to see a bunch of street cats, since they are quite prevalent there and in Japan as well. I actually got so excited to see the kitties that I almost smashed into a child that jumped in front of me. I took a bunch of pictures, but I won’t spam you with them all! 

For a first experience, it was awesome! We took a bus there and it was a rather short ride, but it was a new experience for me! All that walking and climbing stairs was worth the sore leg muscles on the way home! And the beach glass haul was worth sitting on it all (since it was in my back pockets) on the bus ride back! 

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By Jess

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  • Cliff-dwelling kitties?? Those are a thing???

  • Kay

    I think I'd die of happiness if there were just roaming kitties all the time. Except, I'd want to feed them all and that would probably get expensive. XD This looks like a beautiful place (though the skinny staircases would be scary haha)!

  • This is so awesome! Street cats?! How cool! I love beach glass!

  • Gorgeous pictures! And I'm jealous of seeing all those cliff kitties…I would have taken a zillion pictures too haha.

  • They are a thing! There are a lot of feral cats/stray cats in Korea and Japan as well!

  • There were a few times that I wanted to buy treats from a convenience store and keep them in my bag so I could feed kitties whenever they appeared! I understand the pain of wanting to feed all the kitties haha!

  • I love beach glass too! I was so excited to see so much of it!

  • I wore those shoes everyday! I actually wore a hole in the bottom of the one shoe! D: I loved those shoes too hard!

  • I did take a zillion pictures! haha! I feel like every travel post is going to have cats in it! Every time I saw a cat, I took a picture!