Books for Breakfast #56 – Travel Edition

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I have missed a few books to review, since I’ve been out of the country and what not, so I figured I would just condense my Books for Breakfast and cover all the books I’ve missed talking about since the end of December! Let’s see, I’ll be covering four books today!
Ant Farm by Simon Rich
Sword Art Online #3 – Reki Kawahara
After Dark – Haruki Murakami
Breakfast of Champions – Kurt Vonnegut 
I read Ant Farm and Sword Art Online (SAO) #3 before leaving on my trip, they both took me a day each to read. Ant Farm is a short story collection and while it was humorous, I didn’t really find it laugh out loud funny like I was hoping it would be. I picked it up on a whim at a little odds and end/bookstore and thought it’d be interesting, since I don’t read too many short story collections that are by someone who isn’t David Sedaris or Stephen King. I feel like, since the whole month of January passed, I can’t recall much from this book, so that might say something about it. It didn’t really leave any lingering feelings with me, I couldn’t quote anything from it like I can do with Sedaris’s stories. 
Onto SAO #3! As I talked about before, with the first volume. SAO is a light novel, which is a story that has the occasional picture in it and they normally start out online. Popular light novels get manga adaptations, and if they are SUPER popular, they can get turned into anime, which is what happened to SAO. Anyways. The story started out as one novel, which had a sorta open ended ending, but then it got so popular that the author just kept going with the story. Book three has the same lead, Kirito, but in a different game world where he is fighting to save the girl he loves, who is trapped in the game world. There are new characters and old characters. It links up with the second season of the anime, which isn’t my favorite season, I can’t wait to get to volume five of the light novels! (At least, I think that’s when the season I enjoyed starts…) 
During my flight to Korea, I read all of After Dark. I couldn’t put it down and when I finally did, I promptly fell asleep. I am in love with everything Murakami writes! After Dark tells a strange story from changing perspectives about a girl who has a sister in a very, very, very strange predicament. I feel like if I talk too much about that predicament, it gives things away and doesn’t make reading it quite as magical. Murakami mixes supernatural with the realistic in such a way that you could almost see it happening in your mind while you are reading. Needless to say, I left the book with Sarah so that she could read it too! Since, she was the one who introduced me to Murakami in the first place. 
Breakfast of Champions was a Vonnegut book that had been suggested to me by a bunch of people, so I had to read it, to add it to my Vonnegut collection. It was such an interesting story! At first I was so confused as to what in God’s name was happening (aka every Vonnegut book ever) and I had no idea who the narrator was, or what they were doing, but then as the book went on it all dawned on me and the fourth wall was shattered all over the place. It went from being an okay, slightly weird book, to a oh my goodness this is so interesting and fantastic book. Not to mention, there are a bunch of drawings scattered through the book that just make everything 100 times better and more hilarious/interesting. Vonnegut is certainly a writer like no other. His books really make you think as you read them. I left this book with Sarah as well, since she hasn’t read anything by Vonnegut before and she needs books to read that are actually in English! 
I can’t wait to read more this month! Any good reads on your list this month? 

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  • Kay

    I've had After Dark on my list for awhile now – I've actually yet to read anything by Murakami yet! Breakfast of Champions sounds intriguing and it's a Vonnegut I haven't read!

  • I've only read two books by Murakami, but both were fantastic! I'm slowly building up my Vonnegut collection, I love reading his stories, they are so interesting!

  • Completely unrelated but your passport cover is SO CUTE!!!

  • I still haven't read anything by Murakami and I need to change that!! I've heard great things about his books! And I agree with Charlotte — you're passport cover is so cute!

  • Thank you! I got is as a freebie with something else, and I didn't even realize what it was until one day it dawned on me and I got so excited! I'm glad I could finally use it!

  • thedailymiacis

    I really gotta read Murakami. 😀

  • You do! 😀