Travel Diaries – Dong-gu & Around

Travel Diaries

It’s time to talk about Dong-gu and the surrounding areas, which is where we spent the most time, since they were the closest! I had a sweet potato latte and it was amazing, don’t judge. Part of traveling to new places is trying new foods and drinks! I think it’s boring if you don’t branch out and try new things! 

Whale? Or Dolphin? 

Royal milk tea changed my life. I used to scoff at people who put milk in their tea as little weak losers who didn’t like the taste of bitter tea….but now I know the error of my ways. There is nothing wrong with putting steamed milk in your tea, go ahead, live your life! 

The industrial beach down in Dong-gu! We walked along this rode since there were a lot of restaurants around there! I really liked the Dong-gu area, it was pleasant to walk around there, eat, and just laze about.

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By Jess

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  • A sweet potato latte sounds kind of good! Also I'm thinking it's a dolphin…maybe?

  • Kay

    That little whale (dolphin? I went to whale..) is so cute! And I'm definitely a milk in my tea gal haha!

  • thedailymiacis

    By the face I would say dolphin, but it looks like it don't have the dorsal fin proeminent, so I would say Whale.

    SO many color on the supermarket, I would be lost!

  • It was way better than I thought it would be! At first I thought it sounded weird, but it was so sweet and tasty! There wasn't espresso in it, but I didn't really mind that!

  • I think you can buy the fish out of the tank for cooking?? I could be wrong though, there were a few fish markets that looked like this around with outdoor tanks! I keep going back and forth over if it's a dolphin or whale….

  • I used to never get milk in my tea! But the royal milk tea was SO good!

  • I kept wondering if it was a dolphin or a whale too! It looks so much like a dolphin! That was the candy isle, that's why it's so colorful! haha! There was so much to choose from!!

  • It may have taken you a journey to Korea to get why people put milk in their tea but I'm very glad you finally realized why we do it, haha! Well, not all the time, but I do enjoy a nice cuppa with a hint of milk and some sugar. 🙂
    The white gate you took a picture of looks really pretty!

  • That little dolphin is so so cute! And your photos are gorgeous :]