Travel Diaries: Cat Cafe Extravaganza!

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My apologies (not really) for this very image heavy post. I don’t even have enough words in my vocabulary to describe how much excitement I experienced entering this fantastic establishment that was given to the world straight from God himself. Going to a cat cafe has been on my bucket list since I learned they existed on this planet, and it has finally been scratched off the list. Walking down the stairs, I could feel my palms sweat, my pulse quicken, and my breathing become labored as I imagined all the kitties running around just a few short feet below me. It’s amazing I didn’t pass out. I struggled to remove my shoes, slipped on the provided slippers, ordered a latte, and wheezed a whole lot. 

I look rather calm and collected here, with my happy little smile, gently petting the cat snuggled up against my leg, but in reality I was screaming inside and willing myself to never leave this place ever. Could I sleep on the floor with the cats? Please, let me sleep on the floor with the cats. 

Truly a dream come true! The Scottish fold/munchkin mix that hung around me the whole time was dubbed Potato Junior and when I got up, she cried. I also cried. Everyone cried. I tried to take pictures of many different cats, but they always move around so it’s hard to get clear shots of them. I was also so ecstatic that it was hard to keep myself still, let alone the camera. 
I guess I should describe a little about how the cat cafe works too, shouldn’t I? Well, you enter and place a drink order. You can also order food/treats for the cats, which makes them all swarm to you and then you can die happily as you feed them. The cafe also gives you a big pancake with chocolate sauce on the house, which I thought was pretty awesome, although I was so enamored with the cats that I didn’t even bother to take a bite of it. 100/10, would go back. 

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By Jess

A bookworm since the tender age of whenever I stopped chewing on books and started actually reading them. A cat-mom, graphic designer, and introvert originally from Pittsburgh, but now resides in the humid, hot, state of Texas. Cheers!

  • Angela Tolsma

    oooh love your photos!! I can't wait to visit one, one day!

  • Aaaahhhh!!! Everything about this is perfect <3

  • the cape on the corner

    gah, i've always loved the idea of this, but i think it would break my heart. like those rent a puppy ideas, i couldn't do it. glad you got to cross this off your bucket list!

  • I know a lot of the places are combined with adoption centers, so that you can adopt the kitties! In Korea it's rare that people actually have pets, since living spaces tend to be so small, so that is why cat cafes (and the like) are so much more popular there. It gives people that can't have pets, a way to interact with pets!

  • It was so beautiful! I want to go back!

  • It's certainly an experience! I want to go back already!!

  • You have no need to apologize for an image-heavy post when you're sharing your experience at a cat cafe! <3! That's so awesome that you got to go to one! They all look so cute and adorable! <3 I'd love to go to one someday, but for now, going to live at my friend's place (she runs a no-kill cat shelter/sanctuary! :]!) will suffice! 😀 Yay for cat swarms and giant pancakes!

  • Kay

    This place seems like heaven. I showed this post to both my hubs and four year old and we all want to go there immediately. I love that you can order treats for the kitties!

  • AHHHHHH! AHHHHH! Why did you ever leave this place? I would've understood if you just moved in there.

  • thedailymiacis

    How can it be possible? *.* It's on my pocket list for a long time to, now there is one on Paris, that's my goal (for now!), but I believe that I will be like I get a punch on the stomach when I live the place. So many kittens, so cute ^^

  • I NEED to go to a cat cafe one day!! It looks wonderful!

  • It was on my bucket list forever! I'm so glad I got to go to one!! It was amazing!

  • This is BEYOND amazing!! I am so obsessed with cats. And I'd want to just sleep on the floor too haha.

  • Every time one came over to rub against me, I'd squeal with happiness! It was like I was in heaven!