Fictional Fridays #10

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Hi everyone! It’s Alex and I’m back for another Fictional Friday! (It’s strange how I’ve written at least half the entries for this series since its beginning)
Last week, Jess talked about her favorite fictional representations of sports. Today I’m going to flip that around a bit. How?

They’re definitely a thing. And in 2015, they’re definitely becoming a big thing. How big?
Well that’s not so bad (Source)
Oh. (Source)
Both of these pictures are from two different League of Legends World Championships, and they’re each actually from 2012 and 2013 respectively. So you can imagine the state of things now, two years later. Granted, League of Legends is a special case. For whatever reason, it is by far the most successful a video game has ever been in becoming recognized as a legitimate competitive sport. Plus its the one that I actually know things about. So for the purpose of this post, we’re going to focus on League of Legends.

The 2015 Spring Split teams in League’s professional circuit (Source)

The League of Legends Championship Series (or LCS) has two divisions, North America and Europe. Each division has ten teams each who compete weekly, much like any other sports league. The pros are paid on a salary by Riot Games in order to play competitively. They make a living wage. This is literally their job. Which is incredible.

Additionally on the payroll are the coaches, yes coaches, and the sports casters. There is a weekly “Sports Center” style program where the analysts discuss their expectations for the upcoming week’s match-ups as well as things like player news.

Don’t look now ESPN, But I think Riot stole your patented left-side-scrolling-headlines idea (Source)

E-sports are amazing. We’re likely only a few years removed from this becoming as legitimate an enterprise as any other athletic industry. I have a lot of hope in Esports for the diversity it promotes in an “athletic” setting. In the LCS, teams enter by climbing the ranked ladders. The first step is making an account, the second is spending far too much time climbing the ranked ladders. There are no real barriers keeping people from trying to become a pro, and no divisions drawn along things like gender or poverty lines (the game is free to play and capable of running on low-end computers so its very easy to get into, and clearly there’s no need for there to be separate leagues for male and female players). Of course these are just two examples of what e-sports do better than regular atheltics. E-sports are paving the way for a new age of competitive sports and I’m really excited to see where we go from here.

LCS action happens at from Thursday to Sunday weekly.

If any of you happen to already be LoL players, I’d be happy to play with you! If you happen to be interested in getting started, make an account and I’d be happy to lend you the little knowledge I have to help!

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  • Kay

    My hubs loves to watch LoL! He used to play all the time, but lately has scaled back a bit while working on some Magic: The Gathering projects. However, he still watches it all the time. It's pretty much the norm for it to be going on in the background around the house. 🙂 I've never played myself, but I love looking at the character artwork they release (the background on our computer is a slideshow of them!). I've done one painting for my hubs (of Evelyn and Twisted Fate), and I'm working on a second!

  • Alex

    That's awesome! I'm a huge fan of the game and try to play as often as possible (doing no favors to my grad school work). Luckily Jess puts up with how much LoL stuff goes on around our apartment! Between playing all the time and having my Fantasy LCS league members over to watch games, I'd be shocked if it didn't drive her at least a little crazy!

  • It does drive me (a little) crazy! I also think of "laugh out loud" everytime I see LoL and I can't unsee it! I do love the character designs though, some of them look so awesome! I still just can't get into the gameplay though, I'm terrible at strategy-based games.