Five Ways to be a Pro Spring Cleaner


Now, I don’t claim to be a pro home-keeper/cleaner. I hate vacuuming and have delegated all vacuuming tasks to Alex, but we still keep our place clean! I’m probably the one who has to sort through all my hoards each year and dispose of things/organize and what not. Alex didn’t bring too much, except for musical instruments, into the condo…while I on the other hand have been hoarding stuff in here for about four years now.

Get boxes/bins and trash bags. Boxes/bins are fantastic for sorting things and trash bags are perfect for, well, tossing things. Sometimes you have to part with things. Spring cleaning, for me, is about cleaning things out and making my living space more breathable. I love being able to see new space open up in my closets, drawers, and shelves! I normally sort things into boxes based on a star system, if especially helps since I’m in a small condo and if I can box things up to store them, especially if I don’t often use what I’m boxing up, to make more space. I give things I rarely/never use a 1 star, things that I sometimes use/might use a 2 star rating. I normally wouldn’t box up three or four star things unless I have drawers, those things go into drawers or on shelves!

Play your music loud. If I’m just cleaning the house in silence, it feels lame and I get bored/exhausted more quickly. I normally throw on a play list and rock out while cleaning! I sing to the songs, dance around, try on old clothes to see how they look, and generally try to make the cleaning process a bit more fun! My go to tunes of the moment are:
Riptide – Vance Joy
I’m a Ruin – Marina and the Diamonds
Please – Ludo
All the Stars in Texas – Ludo
Like I Can – Sam Smith
Elastic Heart – Sia
Jackrabbit – San Fermin

Clean what you don’t normally clean. I tend to neglect certain things because I just hate to clean them. Now, it’s not like I’m a slob and never clean these things, I just put them off longer than others. See: Cleaning out the entire fridge. It’s a huge hassle to take all your food out of the fridge to wipe down everything, but it must be done.
The shower tile walls. They seriously NEVER seem to look clean no matter how much I scrub them…I think the tile is just weird colored. Whatever.
Dusting. I’m just plain terrible at dusting, I always sneeze and it’s such a pain.
But…all these things are important and must be cleaned, even if it’s a pain.

When was the last time you replaced….? Your plastic shower curtain? Your bath rug? Your welcome mat? Your bath sponge/body wash thing? After reading Adulting, I immediately ran out to target and replaced my bath mat, I hadn’t even thought about it before! Another tip, you should wash your pillow covers every week, or buy extras. Sleeping on the same pillow cover over and over can actually make acne worse or be the cause of it!

Donate/Throw/Sell/Keep. These are the piles that I tend to make while spring cleaning. Things I can donate, things I can sell, things to throw away (like broken things or odds and ends that I hung onto for a reason that I’ve long forgotten), and things to keep. To sort my clothes I normally go through, and if I’ve never worn it that year or in years even, then I move it to either sell or donate. I do this same step with shoes too, unless they are destroyed, then I just toss them. I did this majorly earlier this year when making room for Alex to move in so I could free up drawer/closet space for his clothes. Man…I had too much stuff.
Spring cleaning is that time to go through all your junk drawers and other places you rarely use and clean everything up! Toss things that you don’t need or that are broken…like all those old pens you have that don’t work anymore but are still in the drawer for some reason? Or dried up paints that you never use, or well…you get the picture.

Are you really big on spring cleaning? Have any tips you’d like to share with me? Any cleaning tips for small living spaces? 

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By Jess

A bookworm since the tender age of whenever I stopped chewing on books and started actually reading them. A cat-mom, graphic designer, and introvert originally from Pittsburgh, but now resides in the humid, hot, state of Texas. Cheers!

  • This is great! Spring cleaning is definitely coming up for me! My room is starting to look like a mess! I have to listen to music when I clean or I get bored! It's bad, but I never think about when something was last replaced. Oops!

  • Emma

    We're planning a weekend of this soon – great inspiration!

  • Kay

    Excellent tips! I do a similar box system; mine is usually things I want to save in storage, things I can donate/yard sale, and things I need to find a spot for in the house. The only massive project we have every year is cleaning our sunporch. It has no heat, so in the winter it just becomes a storage dump for everything we can't figure out what to do with. Come spring it's always a wreck!

  • Yes! I definitely listen to music (or an audiobook) when I do serious cleaning. There is something about having something to distract your mind when you're doing something that you've done a lot–like cleaning the floors. Music, though, if it's something that I don't normally do. Like if I am organizing things.
    Great tips!

  • I can't wait to do my spring cleaning!! The first warm Sunday this year is going to be dedicated to open windows and clearing this hobbit hole of mine out!

  • I love spring cleaning too! I can't wait to get more stuff sorted through! It's going to feel like a relief!

  • I agree! I need to be distracted if I'm doing something monotonous like cleaning! I've tried listening to an audio book, maybe I should try that!

  • That's my spare room! It isn't used for much of anything so we always stick our junk in it and it piles up so fast! I just cleaned it out a few days ago and it blew my mind how clean it looked!!

  • Thank you! I hope your weekend cleaning goes fabulously!

  • My closets are starting to look like a high level hoarder is living here, or a high level Tetris player! I need to organize everything stat!