Books for Breakfast #58

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This time I read:
Just Babies: The Origins of Good and Evil by Paul Bloom
Just Babies Review
I don’t read much non fiction, but when I do it tends to be psychological in nature. So it’s really no surprise that this book is based heavily on psychology, to be more precise, developmental psychology. Of course, what really intrigued me was the title. It’s such an interesting concept: if we can be born good or evil, or if we can be born one or the other. I’ve read plenty of books on the psychology behind psychopaths and sociopaths, which is really what made me want to read this. I’ve never read much on the opposing side; aka. people being born good. 
I really enjoyed this read and I’ve already recommended it to a few people that I know are interested in human behavior. The book talks mainly about our ingrained moral system. Are we born moral beings? Are we inherently biased towards equality? How do we feel about punishment? How easily do we/can we form coalitions? It also talks about how racism can be rooted in experiences in our youth. It tackles a lot of interesting topics and I never found myself being bored with it, not to mention, it’s also quite a short book. It mentions many studies that I remember learning about when I was in psychology, so that made it even more exciting for me. It even brushes on some philosophy of morals! Which, if you’ve never read about, it’s quite interesting to see how we see different situations. 
When reading nonfiction, especially non fiction that talks about experiments and research, it can get dry after a while. All through reading this book I never found it feeling too dry, which is great! He cites some great studies and talks about different view points, research, and experimentation done in the field of humans and our morals. I found myself reading parts aloud to Alex if he was in the same room, or telling whoever was near me at the time an interesting tidbit or two that I learned while reading. I think that’s something great about non fiction; you get to learn new facts that you can share with others!
I would totally recommend reading this if you’re interested in human behavior, babies, morals, philosophy, or psychology! It’s very interesting.  
Disclaimer: I received this book for free to review from Blogging for Books, all opinions are my own.

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By Jess

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  • Shelby Cowell

    This book looks super fascinating. After reading it will I know if my 4 year old is good or bad? Lol

  • You could probably conduct some mini experiments of your own based on the ones they use in the book to check! haha! I hope you enjoy it if you read it!

  • Kay

    This sounds completely fascinating. Adding it to my to-read list right away!

  • Angela Tolsma

    I love the cover. I am not really interesting in babies. But I have never read a psychological book. It sounds like an interesting genre I might have to take a look at.

  • I keep seeing this book at the shop and I always stop to look at it for a moment. I'm glad to know someone who has finally read it!! Adding to my list now 🙂

  • I love reading about experiments and studies, I think the research is so fascinating!

  • I'm not that interested in babies either, to tell you the truth! But I am interested in ingrained human nature and the idea of "blank slates" and those ideas, so I really enjoyed reading this book!

  • I couldn't pass up the cover, it's so eye catching!

  • This sounds like a really interesting concept! Checking this one out for my non-fiction cravings 🙂

  • I feel like all the non fiction I read falls under psychology!

  • Taylor Yates

    So I actually started getting so excited just reading your description…I'm a psych minor and I am soooo interested in how human behavior can be determined by our genes vs our environments. This sounds like an awesome read – probably going to have to find it soon. I also tend to read psychology non-fiction. 🙂

  • I took a bunch of psychology and sociology classes in college too! I probably would have gotten a minor, but my school didn't offer a psychology minor sadly 🙁