Travel Diaries – Shinsaibashi Shopping Street

Travel Diaries

I had a list of things I wanted to do in Japan and one of those was play at an arcade center! I love arcades and I am so bummed that they aren’t as popular over here in the States, in fact, the ones in malls seem to get closed down. Anyways. So we played in the Sega arcade in Osaka. Man, those UFO watched games are SO HARD but SO ADDICTING. I didn’t win anything and the amount of money I used is quite disgusting…but I was just SO DETERMINED!!! BAH! Sarah on the other hand did win something, it took her quite a long time, but she did it! It wasn’t from the UFO catcher machine, it was from a different kind that I don’t know the name of, but it looked complicated as well. 

I loved the marketing/advertising on the buildings around Shinsaibashi. They all pop out, move, light up, and just wow. It’s all so cool!! I wish I could have eaten at every restaurant we passed by! It was just so amazing! Looking back on all these pictures makes me want to go back right now!

Another really awesome thing to note is the food displays! It’s all fake food, but it looks so tasty! They sold some of it at gift shops and I was tempted to buy some, although I didn’t. I mean, look at it! So cool!! It also made it easy as someone who doesn’t speak/read the language to see what the food items on the menu are going to look like! 
I’ll be sharing more adventures from my time in Osaka soon! Stay tuned! 

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By Jess

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  • That looks amazing! I love the bright colors and of course, Starbucks is there, too.

  • Japanese food displays are the best! Japanese arcades are the best! Japan is the best? Logical conclusion.

  • Kay

    Everything looks like so much fun!!

  • Wow, how fun! I love how bright and colorful everything is… and that fake food is making me hungry! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • It was a huge starbucks that was open didn't have doors, but was garage door style, so you could just walk in and out! It was awesome! It even had a little bookstore inside it too! It was like a dream Starbucks!

  • It was such a blast!! I thought a month would be enough time to explore, but it didn't feel like enough time at all!

  • All the colors were so eye catching! I was always staring up at everything in awe!

  • It's sad when fun places like that get downsized 🙁 I had a favorite mini golf course that got bull dozed for a Lowe's. I still haven't gotten over it!

  • That is a dream Starbucks! That's awesome.

  • thedailymiacis

    Uoh, such an amazing place!

  • ruzu

    I want to go to Japan!!! nices trip

  • The fake food really does look tasty… too bad it's fake! If I ever make it to Japan, I want to visit an arcade, too! I probably wouldn't play a lot of games but I'd just look around and be amazed at what they have over there. 😛

  • I want to go back! It was such a wonderful trip!

  • The arcades are a lot of fun! The one I went to had four floors! It was huge!!