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I’m kinda amazed I’m at 60 Books for Breakfast posts right now, that astounds me a little bit! I’ve only been blogging for a bit over a year, and since I normally review two books at once, I’ve reviewed a little less than 120 books on the site so far! Whoa!! Anyways, let’s get on with the review of:

This is What You Just Put in Your Mouth? by Patrick Di Justo 

I used to be huge with calorie counting and what not, but that has faded over the years. In other words, I used to read the labels a lot, which is why this book caught my attention. I normally wouldn’t read a book like this, but I thought…why not? I love to scare myself about the foods I used to love. This book isn’t for someone who eats Slim Jims and Spam, or the person who once they find out inredigent lists, refuses to eat the product ever again. This is more for the curious person who wants to know how things are made and what each chemical/ingredient does in the process.

I know next to nothing about chemistry, but it was so interesting to read how the reactions change depending on the way they are used. Of course, a lot of things sounded gross and I’m forever swearing off tap water. (I already swore it off in elementary school, but I’m re-swearing it off) So on that note…did this book make me swear off certain food items? Yes and no. For the most part, I don’t care too much, but for some things it freaks me out. (see tap water for instance) Nothing freaks me out more than tap water. Also the government conspiracy of egg nog, but that’s more aggravating and hilarious than scary.

Now. Reading list after broken down list of ingredients can get REALLY monotonous after a while. It’s not something I could sit and finish in one day, everything blends together. While it is interesting, at the same time after reading too many in row, it does become a bit boring. Although, I did that thing where every time I read something interesting I HAD to read it aloud to Alex. So these past few days were filled with “OH! let me read this to you!” Or “Dude this is so interesting I have to read this to you!” A lot of that came from the Listerine section, his after word on that was hilarious. (Pro tip: Never drink it) Also, the Doritos section was hilarious as well! Oh, corporate America!

The book is separating in two sections: Things put into your mouth and things you don’t put into your mouth. Of course, I tended to find the section about things going into my mouth more enthralling, since I had ingested a good majority of the things listed at least once in my life. It’s also so interesting to see just how many things you can make with real ingredients that we create with chemicals. (Aka Whip cream vs cool whip) We humans are such interesting creatures. 

My next read, as dictated by my reader survey will be: Red Queen
along with the next book on my shelf American Gods!
I received this book for free from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. 

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  • Wow 120 book reviews! That is awesome!! This book sounds so interesting! Next time I'm at the library I'm going to look this over!

  • That sounds like a REALLY interesting read! I'm going to have to put that on my (ever growing) list.

  • Kay

    I feel like I'd be fascinated yet horrified by this book. I don't do tap water either (we have a fresh spring just down the road from us so that's super convenient!). And I am with you on having to read the interesting things out loud to my hubs. Definitely adding it to my list!

  • This is a book I could read! I am so interested in this after I read an article about how fast food hamburgers were made and swore off of them forever (not that that lasted). I feel like we know so little about what goes into our bodies!

  • It's nice to flip through, some of the pieces were really interesting!!

  • That's kind of where I was when I got it. I was a little worried that it would put me off eating everything listed in the book, but instead I just found it more interesting than scary! (minus the tap water)

  • I agree! It was also interesting to learn how the FDA labels certain guidelines and how companies can get around those guidelines (super shady!)