Fictional Fridays #14 – Cartoon Fever!

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Recently I’ve watched some awesome cartoons, that, according to Tumblr have become the new Superwholock. The shows I’m talking about are: Over the Garden Wall, Gravity Falls, and Steven Universe. Sarah had suggested both Over the Garden Wall and Gravity Falls, but I watched Steven Universe by myself! Sarah always suggests great shows to me! So, I will talk a little about each of these shows, why I like them, and why you should give them a try too if you haven’t already!

Over the Garden Wall
This is a ten episode mini series that aired on Cartoon Network. I loved it and watched it all in one sitting! For a cartoon, it has a lot of darker themes. The story follows two brothers that ended up beyond the wall in the unknown where they wander through the forest trying to find a way home. A lot of wacky stuff happens to them along the way. They meet a talking bird, a scary farm town, witches, and they sing songs! Lurking in the woods though, is a terrible Beast that tries to lead people lost in the Unknown astray so that they turn into Edelwood trees.

I obviously don’t want to spoil anything about it, but there is a lot to the story and it’s pretty deep! I really loved the style and the characters were great as well! For a show that is only 10 episodes long, it’s totally worth the time to watch!

Gravity Falls
Okay, there is SO much to Gravity Falls that I almost don’t know where to start! It’s currently still airing, in the middle of it’s second season. (it’s on break right now) And the mid season break ended with SUCH A CLIFFHANGER I CAN’T EVEN! So, this show is about a twins, a brother and sister, that go to live with their great uncle (Grunkle) for the summer in Gravity Falls, where he runs a tourist trap/road side attraction. A lot of weird things happen in the town and they can all be linked to a mysterious journal that Dipper, the brother, finds on his first day in the town. The town hides many secrets and the inhabitants have things to hide as well.

There is just so much to this show I can’t even begin to scratch the surface! I became so enamored with it once I started it. While some episodes are rather episodic, it has a BIG over arching plot line that ends up being interconnected with every episode. The fans are really intense as well and try to decode all the clues in the episodes. There is a lot of ideas floating around the fandom about what will happen next and a lot of fans actually guessed some plot twists before they were even shown! Isn’t that awesome!!

I also love the opening theme. It’s so cute and catchy!

Steven Universe
I just got into this recently actually. I saw so much about it on Tumblr that I felt like it was finally time for me to watch the show and see what all the hullabaloo was about. It didn’t let me down. While I normally don’t enjoy episodic cartoons any more, I still really like this show! There was an arc that spanned a few episodes, which really cemented my enjoyment of the show!

The show is about a boy who lives with magical creatures called the Crystal Gems, they look like humans, but are powered by mystical gems. Steven, the boy, is actually the son of the gem and a human! Though the show is really humorous, sometimes it covers really deep topics like loss, complicated feelings, being an outcast, and how people view families. For a funny show, it can really pull on the heart strings from time to time.

I’m still not done catching up on the show, but I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve watched so far and can’t wait to catch up!

Do you have a favorite cartoon?

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  • Favorite cartoon…that is so hard. Weirdly enough, I grew up a huge Spongebob fan, which now seems super random. I also loved Scooby Doo – gotta stick with the classics!

  • Yeahhhhh Steven Universe!!! :] My friend + her fiance are the composers behind that cartoon! <3

    I loved X-Men & TMNT cartoons as a kid! 😛

  • I used to watch Spongebob too, it's an hilarious show, and still running too!! Ah, good old Scooby Doo! I loved that show as well!!

  • That's SO AWESOME!!! I'm all caught up now and I want more! I sing along with the theme song now, and my boyfriend thinks it's adorable ahah!

  • I love all 3 of these! My husband and I watch Gravity Falls and Steven Universe all the time. lol! I really like Teen Titan Go too…. I think the only one I really can't stand on Cartoon Network is Uncle Grandpa. I just can't get into that one.

  • I don't really understand Uncle Grandpa, it seems so strange!! I loved the original Teen Titan cartoon, I haven't watched the remake yet though! I should check it out!