March Bloopers & Books

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Wait what…it’s the end of March already? When did that happen!? Spring hasn’t even happened yet! I am still wearing my winter coat with a chunky scarf! March can’t just end like this! But, alas, I suppose it has. I guess I can’t complain too much because April is my birthday month after all and April will be full of so many fun things that I can’t wait to share with everyone! For now though, let’s look back on March’s bloopers and books!!

Let’s start with the bloopers!!

It was so cold outside so this shoot was really short, so here, have a grumpy cold me pouting angrily about the freezing cold weather. Look that that glorious face. Actually don’t look, go down to the next one please…

Whenever Alex takes pictures, I’m sure to get some great bloopers! With the classic blurry hair flip and “Why are you taking a picture? What?” face included! 

This shoot was the first time I used my shutter remote so half of these shots were all me pointing the remote at the camera wearing a confused expression. “Is it taking?” “Did it already take?” “Did I accidentally take 20 of the same shot?” “Oops. I did take 20 of the same shot. My bad.” It was a learning experience…that’s for sure!
As for the books I read this month ranked in order (1 being my favorite of the month)
1. American Gods I LOVED everything about this book! Just read the review, you’ll understand! Mythology and quirky characters galore!
2. Red Queen I haven’t read a YA book in a while and this is the first one since Harry Potter that I’ve read when all the books weren’t already out. I don’t want to wait till 2016! How do you people do this for every series? I’d die!
3. Quiet  Ah, I loved this read. While non-fiction can be a little monotonous at times, this book held my attention the whole time and I think I learned a lot about myself as an Introvert!
4. Children Playing in Front of a Statue of Hercules A collection of David Sedaris’s favorite short stories, I loved reading them, since each one is so very different! I liked some way better than others though. 
5. This is What you Just Put in your Mouth? A book about the make up of things we put in our mouths, and some things we don’t put in our mouth. While it’s an interesting book, the layout/style of it gets a bit boring after a while. 
I hope you enjoyed Bloopers and Books! I still can’t believe March is already over…what happened?! 

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