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My apologies on my late post today, and my complete disregard for the past few days where I totally missed posting. I had too much on my plate. Remember when I talked about finding balance? I haven’t found it yet….but, I have read some books!!

This time I read: 
My Journey to the Ocean by Lena Mikado

I love reading books from upcoming authors! I have friends that give me their manuscripts to edit/review and it’s one of my most favorite things! I love talking to people about stories, books, and the like. So whenever my writer friends tell me their story ideas, I love to encourage them to write out all their wonderful ideas on paper! I can only hope one day that all these people will get their works published as well, everyone has a story to tell, and this particular story is so down to earth and real.

I love reading something that one can relate to. While I couldn’t quite relate to the party aspect, being that I’ve always been mellow and the stay at home reading a book and drinking tea all alone sort of person, I knew the party all day and night types. It was also so interesting to read about living in America from the perspective of someone who hasn’t lived here/stayed here before. Russia and America are very different and Elena, the lead of this story, really brings to light some of those differences that we would normally overlook, or not even consider.

The story deals with very real issues that almost every 20 year old has found herself before, and that’s the complicated, confusing, and complex issue of love. Relationships aren’t always so cut and dry. Things aren’t always black and white. It’s easy to read love triangle books and feel removed from it all, or that you’d never have to worry about cheater. Or on the other hand, maybe it’s easy to be in denial when cheating occurs, giving yourself a reason that you are above the “law” of it all, that your reasons are more just, which means that you’re allowed to. Relationships with people are never quite so simple as in books, which is why I enjoyed this story. The relationships are complicated and there is a lot more heart ache and confusion then you seem to get in a other stories.

I must admit, throughout the story though, I did feel quite bad for poor Alex. Maybe that’s because my boyfriend is also named Alex, which just immediately makes me like him. I don’t want to spoil too much though! I also just never seemed to like the sort of men that surround Elena, like Paul, who is the kind of guy that get so vindictive when you reject them, even if you don’t do it in a mean way. She really captures the many different types of people, both boys and girls, that we interact with in our daily lives. We’ve all known a Paul, a Chris, a Diana, and regretfully, we’ve all known a Hooper as well. I loved the complexity of Elena, she really is just a regular girl, romantic, confused, and in a totally new place trying to find her way and purpose in the world. It’s a tough spot to be in, I know!

The book was a really fast read, it just went by so fast! It left me wanting more! I want to know what happened when Elena returned to Russia! I want to know what happened with Alex! I want to know the drama that occurred! I want to know if she kept in touch with all the friends that she made in America! It’s always that bittersweet moment when a book leaves you wanting more! Especially when the book is in a series and you know that you have to wait for the next book to come out!

I received a free copy of this book from the author to review, all opinions are my own. 

By Jess

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  • I love the cover! Glad it's a good read. I always find it weird reading books where I know someone who has the same name as one of the characters especially if they are the bad guy in the book and the person I know is really amazing

  • I loved the cover too, it's so cute! It's always weird when you know people with the same names as characters! I feel like it doesn't happen often, but when it does I always think of the person I know when I'm reading the book!

  • The cover is so fun! How great that you got to read a book from an upcoming author! That's one of the reasons I'm so glad I finally joined NetGalley. Anyway, this book sounds really interesting. I agree that's nice to get a new perspective, like someone living in America who is from another country.

  • I love that cover – yes, I judge books that way!! It sounds like such a great story and I love ones that leave you wanting more!

  • Aw, this sounds like fun!!

  • I love books from different perspectives, it's fun looking at things in a new way!

  • I agree! The best books always seem to leave you wanting to know more and more!

  • It was a fun read!