I’m an Aries, kinda


I had a regular customer at my store that was so into astrology, I mean, like SUPER into it. He wanted to give every barista a star chart. I don’t actually know the exact time of my birth, so I kind of just gave him a time I think is close, so my chart probably isn’t as exact as he’d like it to be, but man, ain’t no body got time to order a long form birth certificate just to get a 100% correct star chart. I’ll make my own destiny thank you very much. Although, I do still find astrology to be interesting. He also does tarot card readings, but that’s another story all together.

Anyways, since it’s my birthday month, I figured I talk a little about astrology, and my sign! I’m an Aries. The ram. According to most sources, Aries are fiery, moody, independent, a bit ego-inflated, optimistic, impatient, and impulsive. It’s also the first zodiac sign and ruled by Mars. In roman mythology, Mars was the God of War. Eep!

Now, I wouldn’t say I’m all of these things, I’m certainly not too impulsive, at least at times. I don’t like making up my mind about things, aka, never ask me what I want to eat, because half the time I want everything and don’t want to choose. I am independent though, and surprisingly stubborn about my ideals. My impatience only really comes out if I’m driving or I’m in a bad mood or, most importantly, waiting for delivery food when I’m hungry, otherwise, I don’t think I’m too impatient. Maybe other people would tell you differently though.

My favorite thing is that it says that dating an Aries woman never lacks excitement. I’m pretty sure I’m not on the Aries boat with this one. While I do enjoy adventures, I mostly enjoy laying on the couch watching movies or reading with Alex. I like simple, classic dates nights with exciting ones thrown in from time to time. Although they do mention that Aries ladies are possessive and want to be number one and tend to get jealous, which, I must admit that I totally fit all of these descriptions. But, on the good side, us Aries always want to give strength and build up our partners, so hey, that’s good!

I think the whole being an introvert clashes with being an Aries, they don’t seem to be very interlaced. When you read descriptions of the Aries personality type, it’s like reading an description of a super outgoing extrovert ready to take on the world. When it gets down to it, I’m an Aries in bark, but not in bite. Another interesting point is that I was born in the year of the sheep and my zodiac is a ram, I’m double!

My daily horoscope is: (from Astrology.com)
Before answering that call, remember the big project you’re so wrapped up in right now. If your caller is the kind of person who either can’t let you get off the phone easily or may have an equally involved project they desperately need your help with, you can let it go to voice mail or find a way to distract them. Caller ID is your best friend today — if it’s not working, don’t answer!

Do you feel like you’re in line with your zodiac sign? 

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By Jess

A bookworm since the tender age of whenever I stopped chewing on books and started actually reading them. A cat-mom, graphic designer, and introvert originally from Pittsburgh, but now resides in the humid, hot, state of Texas. Cheers!

  • Kay

    I'm an end-of-the month April birthday (the 23rd), so I barely squeeze into the Taurus category! And I actually think it suits me quite well. Taurus are considered very loyal, with few close friends vs many 'acquaintance' friends. Very me. Taurus is also know for it's stubbornness (the bull, after all) and often times, not the best work ethic. Which is also me. If my heart isn't in the project I'm doing, I'll procrastinate it as much as possible. It often says Taurus make good leaders, which I think if I could overcome my shyness, is true! I have the tendency to take charge in unknown situations (say if there's an emergency) so I could definitely see that ringing true. I think mostly, I just choose NOT to lead, until I feel like it's necessary.

  • I'm a Cancer and I pretty much fit my profile to a T. There are a few questionable traits, but for the most part it's pretty stunning to me how close the descriptions actually are. I was planning to do an astrology post and now I'm really itching to get it done!

  • I'm am in exactly the same place!! I'm an aries and an introvert. While some of the characteristics of the Aries fits me to a 'T' so of the more dominant ones…not so much. I was an early baby and my due date would've had me born as a Taurus. I find astrology interesting, but I don't follow it our even know too many of the deeper details, but from what I've read on Taurus, I feel like I'm more a Taurus, sometimes, than Aries, and I just chalk it up to that's when the stars apparently wanted me born, but that little streak of Aries was like, nope…we're doing this my way, lol. Fun read and glad to hear there are other Aries like me, hehehe. Happy Birthday month, fellow Aries/April birthday!

  • Exactly! My mom is an Taurus, since she was born in late April, and sometimes I think our signs should be reversed! It is nice to know that there are more Aries that are introverts out there! 🙂 Happy Birthday month to you as well!

  • I'd love to read an astrology post! I find it rather interesting, even if I don't really fit my sign in every way!

  • It's cool that you fit your sign really well! I'm pretty stubborn too, so I guess that quality fits the ram? Maybe? I don't really shove my ideas down other people's throats though (which is another Aries trait) I'm much too mellow for that sort of thing haha!

  • Kay

    Same here! I find my stubbornness comes in sticking to my guns about things, even if I may not be doing things in the BEST way haha. When I was younger, I think it applied a lot more to not seeing other peoples views and holding grudges, but (for the most part) a lot of that has mellowed as an adult!

  • I find astrology to be pretty interesting. I like reading it at entertainment.

  • This was interesting to read! I know people that are into astrology and I have to admit that sometimes I check to see what my horoscope is for the upcoming week. I would definitely say that my sign mirrors who I am. I'm a Cancer, which is a homebody, needs to feel protected and safe, and can be moody. Since I'm on the cusp, I probably have some Gemini atributes too.

  • I feel like I am! Sagittarius are supposed to be happy, extroverted, smart, honest, and fair, all of which I'd like to think I am! They're also supposed to be clumsy and highly sensitive…which is also me. I think I fit the bill pretty well!


  • I'm Aries too! And like you, and introvert lol… But ignoring that, I'm full Aries!

  • Exactly, me too! It's fun to read your horoscopes from time to time!

  • I fall pretty solidly in Aries camp, I'm not close to the ends of the dates, so I'm a full Aries! Back in the day when I got Teen Vogue in the mail (middle/high school) I would always read my horoscope for the month! I thought they were fun! And the funny thing was, I totally did get a phone call that I ignored that day, so I ended up following my horoscope!

  • Astrology is so interesting!! Aries and Sagittarius are both fire signs, so we would make really good friends!! haha! 🙂

  • The times when I break out of the introvert shell, I'm definitely Aries all the way!