I’ve Never Aged! I’m a Vampire!


I talked about my zodiac sign, characters who share my birthday, 24 lessons/goals/things about me, and now I’m going to talk about something funny which is, the fact that it seriously looks like I haven’t aged in a while. What? I’m sure you think I’m crazy, but really, something about my old year book pictures looks like I haven’t aged. I feel like normally people look back at their middle school/ high school photos and laugh at how much they have changed…but all that seems to have happened to me is that my face got a little longer…maybe?

Some theories that I’ve come up with:
1. Maybe I’m a vampire and I survive on milk instead of blood.
2. Maybe I’m an immortal and all these years my parents have been secret mad scientists and tested out some miracle serum on me and now I’ll never age.
3. Perhaps I got super anti-aging powers from the creek behind my house I played in as a child.
4. Possibly all those bee stings I got as a child (64+) gave me some kind of super power where my face will never age at all and I’m just magical now.
5. The ghosts that lived in my old house granted me anti-aging magic because I didn’t try to disturb them too much and I never swung the fire stick poker around in the basement to try and disperse them (like a certain person I know did)
6. I’m a secret magical girl who is just putting on airs pretending I’m not, so when I write this down no one will believe me yet I’ve told my secret so now it’s off my chest and I can relax and go back to fighting monsters.

But, in all honesty, I just think it’s funny to look back on old pictures of me. Alex really enjoyed it to, he laughed when I was going through some of my older pictures, as embarrassing as it was for me!

Do you ever look back into your old year books and see how much you’ve changed since middle/high school? 

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By Jess

A bookworm since the tender age of whenever I stopped chewing on books and started actually reading them. A cat-mom, graphic designer, and introvert originally from Pittsburgh, but now resides in the humid, hot, state of Texas. Cheers!

  • How on earth did you get 64+ bee stings?! You must have been a very adventurous kid hahah.

  • Kay

    I'm turning 27 and I've yet to be stung by a bee! Happy to keep it that way. I do love bees though. 😀 It's crazy, your face has hardly changed at all haha! Personally, I think #6 is the best option…though being a vampire is pretty badass too. I've been helping my gram clean things out of her attic as she prepares to move, and we just found an entire box of pictures of my dad from back in the 70s!! It's a RIOT…the hair, the clothes. Fantastic.

  • This is very funny! But, think of it as a compliment that you never age! Maybe it'll stay the same when you are 50! How awesome would that be!?!?

  • 64+ bee stings??? How did that happen???

    I've changed allot but it could be the hair color, new classes and better clothes… 🙂

  • hahaha, patients keep telling me I look like I just graduated from high school! 😡 But yay for not lookin' like you've aged! 😛 Maybe all the bees that stung you were magical!

  • Now that I teach at the high school I went to it seems like the yearbook and newspaper staffs use any excuse to put my High school pictures in their stories! They'll usually do teacher flashbacks but it seems like i'm *always* asked haha. It's crazy how much you still look like younger you! I don't think I had any Matthew Lewis puberty transformation or anything but I definitely can see the differences in myself.

  • I'm like you I haven't really aged much since high school. People constantly think I'm a teenager. Doesn't help that I'm on the shorter side.

  • Hahahaha I love your list of theories! My sister is the exact same way – while I feel like my face has changed a ton, hers hasn't AT ALL since she was little. It's weird how that happens! Yes, I look at my old pictures..and I am thankful I've changed a little! My face used to be pretty chubby but I'm glad it's thinned out a lot.


  • Yeahhh, I was always in the wrong place at the wrong time. I got stung by a whole hive once and passed out, my dad had to come and smack them all off me and drag me inside. That was when I received the bulk of the stings haha

  • Being stung is pretty terrible, I don't know how I always manage to get stung. I went five year without being stung, but then two years ago I got stung in the knee and it turned purple and welted. I hate getting stung!! That's so funny! When my parents moved we went through a bunch of old pictures and it was so funny to see them so young!

  • That would be totally awesome! I hope it stays that way!!

  • Well, one time there was a whole hive that stung me, I sat on one once, I stepped on one a few times, and then the other times they just stung me while I was minding my own business. Now I run away whenever I see a bee!

  • When I was in 20, someone thought I was 30, that was probably the worst thing anyone ever told me. Or the other time that someone my friend knew asked why a college student was at prom, while pointing to me in a picture. I guess I just looked mature for my age and I'm finally growing into it haha!

  • That's so funny! It's weird looking back and not seeing too much of a change in my face, or hair, for that matter. I dyed it a few times, but never around school picture time!

  • People have always assumed I was older in high school and now it's like finally people can guess my real age! But that means that you might always look young, and that's a good thing, right?

  • I hope I do have magical powers haha! My boyfriend has changed a TON since high school! His mom showed me all his school pictures and I giggled the whole time!

  • oooh well you are very brave

  • thedailymiacis

    AHAHAHAH good theories! I believe from the photos you look like you are getting younger on your looks 😛

  • haha! Thank you! It would be cool if I was getting younger! hahah!

  • OMG you ARE a vampire!! Or maybe you're like Adaline from the Age of Adaline! Were you in a car accident and got struck by lightning? 🙂

  • I've been car accident free and lightning free! I have fallen down a few staircases and drove away from a tornado once….does that count? haha!!

  • I think I may be a vampire or something too, because I have been told that I haven't really aged since I was young. So strange!

  • It's so weird! I never really noticed it until Alex pointed it out to me!