Social Media One Month Challenge!


Last month I made a secret challenge for myself to work on growing all my social media to specific goal numbers by my birthday. For the most part, I did pretty well, but I slacked off on a few and focused too hard on others! Well, focused too hard isn’t really a bad thing, because I blew some of my numbers out of the water!! 
What was my following when I started this here challenge for myself on March 3rd?
Pinterest: 224
Twitter: 487
Instagram: 451
BlogLovin’: 572

So what were my goals? I was aiming for:
Pinterest: 300
Twitter: 600
Instagram: 600
BlogLovin’: 700
I didn’t really put any work in Bloglovin’ though, I really dropped the ball on that one, not going to lie. Also, Twitter has been the hardest for me to grow, it’s so up and down and I just can’t get it! However you guys manage gaining so many Twitter followers is beyond me…I think I’m funny! No one else thinks I’m funny apparently!!!
Anyways, let’s get to the final numbers! As of my birthday, April 9th!
Pinterest: 224   –> 450  YAY!
Twitter: 487 –> 552 Close but no cigar!
Instagram: 451 –> 618 YAY!
BlogLovin’: 572 –> 598 Not enough close at all!
I hit two of my goals, but for me, this is impressive anyways, considering I grew all these in just a little over one month! March 3rd to April 9th!! Wow-ee! I thought Pinterest would be the hardest for me to grow, but it ended up being the winner (and easiest to grow), I mean it grew by 200% in that little bit of time!! Instagram was another one I wasn’t quite sure how to grow too well, but it ended up growing by 137%! WOW!
Twitter was the hardest for me to grow, and I spent the most time with it too and only managed to grow it by about 113%. I gained 65 followers in a month, I hoped I would have hit at least 100 more followers, but I guess I haven’t grasped the magic of twitter just yet! And like I mentioned before, I didn’t even do anything with BlogLovin…oops! I forgot about it by focusing on everything else!
Anyways….here were my tricks for the month!
  1. I followed people that my blogger friends followed. Everyday I followed about 5-10 people or so.
  2. I got Unfollowers to track things, like, to be honest, if someone followed me and then I followed back and then they unfollowed me….you better believe I unfollowed them. I guess I’m petty like that, but that’s petty of them too!!
  3. I got Buffer and tried to follow a good posting schedule
  4. I changed up my content with quotes, retweets, pictures, and links 
  5. I participated in some Twitter chats
  6. I replied to tweets to engage with people 
  7. Re-wrote my Twitter profile blurb

  1. I downloaded Latergramme to schedule pictures, or else I ended up forgetting
  2. I went through tags I like (ex: #bookbloggers) and commented on pictures
  3. I tried using more/new/popular hash tags on the pictures I was posting

  1. I joined a lot of group boards (which I hadn’t done before)
  2. I cleaned up my pins
  3. I renamed some of my weirder named boards
  4. I moved around/deleted some of my worse boards
  5. I changed the thumbnail pictures on the boards to be more eye-catching
  6. I started pinning more 
  7. I added new boards that fit in with my blog/ideals/reader base

Things I did to grow all platforms at once:
  1. I joined in/sponsored some giveaways (I won’t lie)
  2. Connected with blogger groups on Facebook
  3. Tried to bring in more links to my blog (like the Instagram and GoodReads links on my sidebar) 
  4. Get everything branded similarly across all platforms (ex: usernames, color schemes/profile images, etc)

This little month long experiment taught me a lot about growing social media followings and I’m proud of the numbers that I reached. (I might have tried reaching a little too high on some of the platforms, especially trying to grow everything at once!) I hope my tips can help you grow your followings as well!

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By Jess

A bookworm since the tender age of whenever I stopped chewing on books and started actually reading them. A cat-mom, graphic designer, and introvert originally from Pittsburgh, but now resides in the humid, hot, state of Texas. Cheers!

  • This is so helpful. I have been trying to grow my social media stuff too but it is hard. Also Twitter is the weirdest! I swear it's constantly going up and down and I do the tracking thing with Instagram. I hate when people follow you so you follow them and then they delete you. Not cool!

  • hahaha, #2 on Twitter. I've done that too! (An eye for an eye! :O )

    Great job on growing your followings! :] I have no idea how to up my bloglovin' one–that tends to be my hardest one to "grow!" :O

    P.S. Also wanted to veryyyy belatedly let you know that I got the teabox! 😀 Thanks so much again! <3

  • Wow, good job! I really need to do it too. I don't really understand about how Twitter chats work. Can you explain a little bit? Thanks in advance 😉

    Dara | Hola Darla | @DarlaOct

  • Kay

    I think your increases are awesome!! I'm kind of terrible at social media. I guess that's not entirely true; I just put in very little effort. I think I need to dedicate some time to doing something like this (your comment about renaming your weird Pinterest boards cracked me up – mine are ALL weird named for the most part haha!). I like my little blog, and the awesome readers I have, but it is still very small, and I would like to increase more traffic on it and social medias! I feel like I struggle with wanting to blog only for myself, but also wanting to expand my reader base. Just something I need to find balance in I guess!

  • These are some great tips! I pinned this!

  • This is fantastic!! I've been wanting to grow my Twitter and Instagram, so I'm 100% following your advice!

  • Bloglovin is certainly the hardest for me to figure out how to grow! And awesome!! I'm glad you like it! 😀

  • For Twitter chats, they are basically back and forth discussions with a certain hashtag. For example, @Lbloggerschat on Twitter uses a hashtag and during certain times bloggers can use that hashtag to talk with other bloggers. Sometimes there are questions that are used to start discussions! They are a fun way to meet people on Twitter!

  • It is hard to find that balance, I agree! I completely ignored a bunch of my social media for a while, I mean, it took me a while to actually get everything named the same, my usernames were all over the place!! I took classes in social media in college, so I feel like it's time to put all that knowledge to use!

  • Thank you!! 🙂 I'm glad it was helpful!

  • Awesome! I hope it helps!! 😀

  • You go girl! Totally pinning these tips!

  • Thanks! I hope they can help out!! 🙂

  • Wow, great job! I think your increases are amazing!

    I must say, all of of my social media counts are pretty static lately, only my Instagram is -very slowly- growing. I really would like to meet and connect with new people, especially on Twitter; I think I should take these tips on board.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • No problem! I hope the tips help you out!! I had really static social media counts for a while too, so it was fun seeing them grow so quickly!