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One of the things that we really wanted to do in Japan was stay at a traditional ryokan with an onsen (hot spring).  The one we stayed at was in Kyoto and it was AMAZING! I can’t even begin to describe how perfect it was! We had a really spacious room and they set out the futons for you while you explored during the day. Although, we spent most of those two days in the baths, because, DUH, that was why we wanted to stay there in the first place!

I’m so flushed in this picture from the bath! I flush so easily, I blame the introvert in me that makes me flush so often/easily! I’m also not used to the heat, obviously, I hail from the frigid north. 
Aside from that….there was an outdoor bath that was FANTASTIC, even in the middle of January it was so nice to bath outside. Plus, the water is SO HOT! I mean, one girl that was in there with us almost passed out after getting out. In fact, I got a little woozy the first time I went in because we stayed in there so long! But, I’ll talk about the baths and everything in another post, I want to talk more about the ryokan itself!

They served fabulous food! You could choose between a Japanese or English style breakfast and they had a few dinner options too. It was expensive, but worth the price for the food. Goodness, it was just breathtaking. I felt like royalty while staying there. Seriously! 
The other thing that was my favorite was the kotatsu (that’s table with a built in heater) although this kotatsu was really intense. The table was sat on top of a square hole built into the ground and the heater was down there, so you could dangle your legs under the table and it was so comfy! We actually fell asleep at the kotastu for a middle of the day nap! Oops! But now I want one in my house some day, they are so wonderful. 

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By Jess

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  • This looks so amazing!!

  • I want to go!! The food, the scenery…it all looks amazing. Also I flush easily too, it's the worst!

  • so jealous of you!!

  • What an amazing place!! What's the name? I'll have to stay here someday!

  • I want a kotatsu too! I love them. This is so perfect. Jen and I have dreamed of visiting or even living in Japan since we were young teenagers!!!

  • thedailymiacis

    I want to go there too *.*

  • I love kotatsus they are such a wonderful invention! Perfect for the cold months!!

  • I feel like I always look embarrassed! Which then makes me flush even more!! Everything there was amazing, I want to go back!

  • It's the Ryokan Sumiya Kihoan! Which is in Kameoka, Kyoto!

  • It's so relaxing!! I already want to go back!

  • Sarah and I were the same way!! It was like a dream vacation!! If you ever get the chance, grab it! It's an amazing journey to go on!

  • I love ryokan! Ahhh that food looks so good.
    I'm back in Japan in June and can't wait to get my fill of Japanese food.

  • I loved staying here! It was so amazing! I'm sooo jealous, I want to go back!!