Fictional Fridays #16 – Yu-Gi-Oh 4 Life


I’ve been in a completely wacky Yu-Gi-Oh mood recently. I mean, it comes around ever now and then and I get sucked into it as usual. It’s a strange thing to be over the moon about, but I’ve always loved YGO and I probably always will. I mean, I started watching it in elementary school when the first season was (poorly) dubbed by FourKids. You know, the same group that made a mockery of One Piece when they dubbed it? Well, they did all the dubbing work on YGO, which in some ways slays me because how they changed the show, but in some ways grew on me…I love the dumb voices/accents they gave the characters….and the weird name changes too. Jounouchi to Joey. I have to be careful here or I’ll end up writing an entire grad school level thesis on this show. I promise I’ll keep it short! I’ll break it into parts to make it easier, so I don’t rant for too long.
The Dub vs. Sub: Since I already mentioned FourKids, the company that first got the rights to bring YGO to America, I thought I’d talk about the dub vs. the sub first. The manga came after the show and was kept in it’s original format/story line so you can more plainly see what FourKids changed if you read it since it can be hard to find the subbed version of YGO online now-a-days since it came out such a long time ago. 
The main changes are that FourKids edited out all religious themes, guns, punching, smoking, death references, boobs, blood, and anything else they deemed not kid friendly. Yes that is right, basically they changed EVERYTHING about the show, which includes the music. They also changed the ENTIRE dynamic of certain scenes, which if you are curious about, you can watch this one example below:
If you don’t want to watch 5 and a half minutes of Yu-gi-Oh (in which case, get out of my house! Just kidding, but really…) 
Basically in the dub Yugi is all: “We need to keep on fighting because friendship and Joey is trapped in the shadow realm” combined with random dream sequence because Joey is trapped in the shadow realm and is having dreams! 
While in the original Yugi is all like: “Don’t die Jounouchi-kun! I can’t believe I put God Cards in front of my promises to my friends and the only thing keeping me going now is hatred! I don’t want to fight anymore!” combined with a flashback sequence of their friendship, because you know, Jounouchi is actually dying and stuff and NOT trapped in the shadow realm.
The original YGO is A LOT darker and A LOT better written. It’s also a lot less ridiculous, kind of. I mean, an anime about children card games based on ancient Egyptian Pharaohs will always be a bit ridiculous. 
Here are some other examples of edits:

Season Zero: This is the nickname given to the original season of YGO that aired in Japan but was never translated to English. It also has completely different art styles and characters look different. (Note that Seto Kaiba has green hair) It is based off the first arc of the manga series, which comes before Duelist Kingdom. It is WAY darker than the rest of the series and obviously 4Kids wouldn’t be able to edit it at all, it is unedit-able…I mean, people get blown up in fiery infernos.

There is also an episode where gangs fight with Yo-Yos. No joke. It’s hard to locate if you want to watch, because it’s a bit obscure, but it is so worth it. Or you can read the manga, which is also totally worth it (I own it all, obviously). It’s fabulous. C’mon, gangs fight with Yo-Yos! Elementary school students threaten to cut off fingers! There is a Russian Roulette with poison sweets! Season 0 is a little bit before the card game aspect, it is mentioned, but only near the end of the season, when Yuugi duels Kaiba for the first time. Other than that, Evil Yuugi plays more extreme games. 
There is even a crazy guy with a chainsaw in this season, no joke. 
My favorite character: I’ve literally only covered two things and I’m already realizing that I’m talking way too much about this stupid (I love it to death) show. But I want to say that my favorite character is Bakura, he is the ultimate villain, is full of plot holes, has luscious white hair, and I love him. He gets edited a lot in the dub. Like the time he eats the steak and the time he stabs himself in the arm while laughing about it.
Yes, this scene was indeed edited out in the FourKids version.
Can we also note that he is totally eating WHILE wearing a duel disk? I could write another entire grad school level thesis on him, but I will spare you (and myself) that embarrassment. 
The upcoming new movie!: The reason that my love of YGO has resurfaced from the depths of my soul is because… THEY ANNOUNCED A NEW MOVIE FOR 2016! I already (obviously) have the first two movies on DVD and I AM SO PUMPED FOR A THIRD MOVIE! It’s going to have the original cast back, which MAYBE means I’ll get to see Bakura again?! (Most assuredly not, he’s not even in the other two movies, I don’t know what I’m getting my hopes up for) But Yugi and Kaiba will be in it, and really, all that matters is that there will be a new movie out next year. Yes. 
Look at this glorious promo image although….what is Kaiba even doing with his hand!? We can also notice that Yugi no longer has the millennium puzzle, which means this takes place AFTER season 5! Whoa Whoa! I am so excited to see Yugi without Yami being totally kick butt with card games!! I AM SO READY!!
I’m not even sorry for making a post this long about Yu-Gi-Oh and I even cut out one section I was going to write about, because then it would have been WAY too long. Getting out some of my YGO feelings really feels good. 
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  • LOL the butts photo made me laugh. Wow >_< I didn't know a new movie was coming out! I liked the series well enough, but didn't follow it super close. I'll have to catch up!

  • I am a huge fan girl when it comes to YGO, it's a little bit embarrassing, but I still flaunt it!