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My apologies for the slight break in posts, but things are hectic as I’m currently in Houston trying to set up some things so the move will go smoothly once June hits!
Anyways, for this travel diaries I want to talk about what it’s like to use a public bath, which is something that no one has really heard of/considered doing here in America. It was a weird topic for me to consider as well, I suppose, before I really got into anime in middle school. You wouldn’t think of taking a bath with all your friends. Going to the pool? Sure. Taking a bath together? Nope. Not at all!

There is certainly a big cultural difference there, with that whole thing. Although, I actually didn’t feel as weirded out about it as I thought I would. I had been looking forward to the public baths actually, I thought it would be an awesome experience! I was SUPER excited for the outdoor baths and they didn’t disappoint! 
The waters are so hot and you really have to be careful not to stay in there for too long or else you might pass out. It almost happened to one of the girls that was in the baths around the same time we were! But it’s so relaxing. I think I could have lived there for the rest of my life, seriously. 
You know you have a best friend when you take a bath together with a bunch of other naked people. That’s for sure! 

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By Jess

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  • This is such a strange concept but I guess if you're underwater anyways…who cares? Haha sounds SUPER relaxing.

  • thedailymiacis

    It's strange concept but I believe that just for the view and the relax I would forget 😀

  • Ohhh warm water! I love that! But taking a bath with friends would be so weird…I guess I'd do it at least once, specially if I go to Japan, but I'll so embarrassed hehe

  • Kay

    I think I'd be shy, but the overall concept doesn't weird me out at all. I feel like our culture automatically associated nakedness with sexuality, which I think is not at all the case. Two separate things!
    I love the idea of super hot water haha….I can never get the water hot enough in our apartment!

  • I miss public baths so much! They're so relaxing and, it's true – best friends for sure xD Friends of mine and I decided that this thought really summed it up when we all went together: "Friends are awesome. Baths are awesome. Why not combine the two?" Flawed? Who knows, but amazingly relaxing.

  • I think at first I would feel a little self-conscious, but it also sounds like so much fun to pass up on! I would definitely get naked with my friend and take a bath. Writing that out sounds weird haha!

  • I've always wanted to go to a Japanese public bath, but the whole nakedness makes me a little uncomfortable.

  • It is super relaxing, that's for sure!!

  • It's so relaxing! I feel like I didn't find it as strange as I thought I would!

  • I think a lot of foreign guests don't use the public baths, they all seem to opt to using the private bathrooms in the rooms, but I think the baths are a part of the trip!

  • Agreed!! Of course it's a little embarrassing at first, but that quickly goes away! It's so relaxing in the hot springs! Just remembering it makes me want to go back!

  • I totally agree!! I feel like it deepens the friend bond! I see no flaws in that statement!

  • While writing this post out a felt a little weird too! Writing it out sounds weird, but it's actually not weird at all!! haha!

  • At first I was a little bit nervous, but it faded rather fast, especially when strangers come into the baths and you just have to be like "Well, it is a public bath after all" and no one stares at you or anything. It's really relaxing actually!