Glossary of Jess


I thought it would be kind of fun to make a glossary of Jess, basically all the vocal words/inside jokes that pop up in my everyday life. I obviously haven’t put them all in here, because when I said I wanted to write this, I suddenly blanked on words and Alex did too. He explained it being that “it’s less what I say and more how I say it” because apparently I have a “cute voice” that I use to speak occasionally and it makes the words I say sound really funny. I also make a lot of dumb faces. 
Anyways, onwords! (Get it?)
The Glossary of Jess
____ Kaiba – Every anime has a character like Kaiba, which means the stoic guy who pretends he has no friends are grumbles about everything. Ex: “That guy is baseball Kaiba.”
Bae – Another nickname for Alex. Also apparently stands for “Before All Else”. See also: Potato
Both – Which for some reason I say funny. I make the ‘o’ sound strangely in this word. 
Brunswick – The name of my yellow Jeep Wrangler. See also: Yeep 
Cuds – The shortened word for cuddles that I use when demanding attention. Ex: “I want cuds!”
Himes – Short for Hime, which means princess in Japanese. Pronounced like: Heems
Husubendo – What I call the 2D characters that I love. See also: Waffle
In Your Steed – Which apparently is supposed to be said like “In your stead”, but I say it wrong, or so Alex tells me.
Indeed – I use this word all the time, and people look at me funny when I use it for some reason. 
Maes – The shortened word for animes. 
Malk – How I apparently pronounce milk, although I don’t think I say it funny.
Moodle – In other words, model. Something that Sarah and I say back and forth to each other. 
Mr. Jess – My nickname at work, since for a while there were two Jess’ working there and I was the way older one.  
Niceu – What Sarah and I say when something is nice/good/awesome/etc.
Pep – What we used to call Dr. Pepper for short. Alex’s favorite pop
Pop – Aka Soda. Sugary caffeinated drinks. 
Potato – The nickname that I call Alex all the time. See also: Bae
Scootin Tootin – When I scoot around by shuffling my feet 
Show-Show – Nickname for shower time. Pronounced: Shh-ow-shh-ow. Not like the word ‘show’
Ramen Hair – The nickname for a guy who has slicked back blonde hair gel hair that waves and looks like pieces of ramen noodles on his head. Ex: “Clearly his ramen hair is his charm point.”
Trifecta of Love – When Sarah, our friend Victoria, and I are all together, this is what we are. 
Waffle – Another term of endearment that I mostly use for 2D characters. Ex: “He is my precious waffle.” See also: Husubendo.
Yeep– My nickname for Jeeps in general. See also: Brunswick
Yinz – The Pittsburgh version of Y’all. 
Yo – After watching Alex play FF Type-0 and loving Nine to death, I started putting ‘yo’ at the end of my sentences too. 
Do you have any words or phrases that would be in your glossary? I’m sure I forgot a bunch of mine!

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By Jess

A bookworm since the tender age of whenever I stopped chewing on books and started actually reading them. A cat-mom, graphic designer, and introvert originally from Pittsburgh, but now resides in the humid, hot, state of Texas. Cheers!

  • An excellent glossary! I especially like that you're Mr Jess at work. I'd like to be Mr Claire, even though there are no other Claires in my office.

  • It's fun to be Mr. Jess! We also have a Mr. Evan since there are two Evan's haha!

  • You have no idea how much I love this!!! :DD

  • thedailymiacis

    Ahaha So funny! And probably was not easy to start 🙂

  • Kay

    Ha, this is excellent! I'm a bit in love with husubendo!!

  • I use that all the time!

  • It was a lot of fun once I started writing it up!

  • You should write one up too! It's a lot of fun once you get started!!

  • I didn't know Pittsburgh had their own version of the southern y'all!