Fictional Fridays #18 – Life is Strange


I want to take this Friday to talk about a new indie game that Alex and I are IN LOVE with!! It’s out on a few different platforms, including Steam, so if you can, I totally suggest trying it out! The game is called Life is Strange and it’s probably one of the most gripping games I’ve ever had the experience of playing. 
The game is all consequence based, where your choices, even the small ones, effect everything later on in the game…including watering your plant. I mean, this game is TOTALLY based on your choices! It’s crazy awesome how it works! Currently there are three of the five episodes out and each episode comes out on a set time frame. So no, it isn’t like Telltale where you don’t know when the next episode is going to be released. 
The game takes place in a fancy boarding school, high school, in Oregon. The school is artsy and the lead girl is named Maxine, Max for short. She’s in a photography track and takes a photos all the time with an old camera. (totally hipster) While the lingo in the game can get on my nerves, a lot of slang, a lot of “hella”s getting thrown around, I like that it’s very real sounding dialogue. I remember being that age and using dumb slang words way too often as well. Also, apparently everyone says hella on the west coast, it’s a thing. 
So anyways, Max finds out she has the ability to go back in time! So this changes the dynamic of the game, since you can rewind and change your answers, well, you have a limit to how far you can go back, but you can see what each choices outcome will be in the very short term, and then make a judgement call. Although, there are some people playing the game that are sticking to first choices and not going back to change, which is interesting, but we have been going back every which way to see what each choice brings out. Man oh man, it’s getting intense. 
Episode 2 was probably the most real and heart pounding games I’ve experienced. When we finished the chapter I had chills running up and down my spine. We both sat there staring at the TV for a while just trying to digest everything that had happened. It deals with some VERY real issues and is a powerful game, that’s for sure.
Another fun feature is that it gives you the percentage of players that made each choice, so you get to see if you fell into the minority or majority, and if choices were 50/50 or really skewed to one side. It’s interesting to see what the majority picks for the major choices! 
Now that we just finished chapter 3, I’m curious to see where the game will go! There are only two chapters left! AH! There are so many theories floating around about how the game will end. There is a lot to consider while playing and every little thing in the environments seems to have a purpose. Mainly the graffiti around the school building. There is just so much to take in. It’s a game that you could play through a few times, just to see how things would change each play through!
Have you played any fun games recently?

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