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I’ve been recently enamored with web comics, actually, it probably happened back when I got into Tumblr and web comic artists started sharing weekly panels there, which then got me more into comics than I already was. So, after my very lazy past month of on and off blogging (my apologies) I present to you my favorite way to procrastinate! Reading web comics!

Ava’s Demon
One of my favorite webcomics and one of the first ones I really got into as well! It’s about a girl named Ava who seems to be haunted, constantly, and mercilessly by a demon. She has no friends and doesn’t seem to have much going for her, until her planet is attacked and she is whisked away, along with one of her class mates, by a mysterious guy.

I love the art style, how she colors, and the characters! Not to mention, if you read her about page, she’s actually already finished the story! It took her eight years to finish the story line and now she’s just drawing out the final version, which is AWESOME, by the way! I’d totally suggest checking it out!

Another one of my favorites that I found through Ava’s Demon. The creator shared a link to this web comic and I was immediately hooked! The story takes place in a world where monsters and humans get along (sort of) and George (the adorable Cyclops) attends a mixed university with humans and monsters alike! There are a lot of complicated feelings and other woes of being a university student in this web comic and I just love it!

Satan and Me
This is a really rough webcomic that I more recently got into. It’s a about a girl who accidentally summons Satan with her pads (you know how those maxi pads have funny shapes/symbols on them?) Now she has to deal with Satan and the end of the world all at once! It’s pretty funny actually, I’ve enjoyed reading it as it comes out!

Cucumber Quest
I got into this one REALLY recently! It follows some kids as they go on adventures and have a lot of fun! It’s really adorable and I love the art style. After getting into it now, it really makes me want to buy the books, I love supporting these little web comics when they begin printing books! I think that’s so rad!!


I JUST started this webcomic but it’s so AWESOME! The panels have little animation to them and the art style is just so cool! It’s about two dogs that seem to be stuck in the middle of an ending world and they are trying to find their way home.

Are you a fan of any webcomics? I didn’t share any obvious ones here, these are all a little off the wall/indie web comics, but these are the ones I read! 
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  • Kay

    The premise of Satan and Me is hysterical. I've actually never read any web comics before – this is a great place to start! Thanks!