Big News!!


The Bookworm is engaged! I’ve kind of held off on posting about it for a while, mainly because the ring went out to get sized so I haven’t actually had the ring in my possession until recently. But, this is a huge step stone for me, considering I never really imagined getting married before. I keep staring at my finger now, in a slight bit of shock that I’m actually here in this very spot actually engaged.

He did a great job though, it was super romantic and traditional! I teared up a little bit and I was really happy that he did it just the two of us, because I like having intimate moments like that just be between us. I also don’t like people staring and clapping in my general direction. It was a super special moment between the two of us, up on top of the hill overlooking the entire campus, where we walked and talked after our first date. It was just perfect.

On a slightly funny note, because I like to break up serious moments with some humor. I have literally baby fingers. The average ring size is a 7. Wanna take a guess as to what my ring size is?

It’s a 4.

So my new nickname, as given to me by myself, is Baby Hands Jess. You’re welcome to call me that, I like to pretend that it sounds like some funny mafia name or a bank robber or something.

By Jess

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