Favorite Apps


I’ve recently been hooked on a bunch of apps, one is the fault of Kristin at My Life is a Teacup, for mentioning it in one of her posts! I thought today, to get more people obsessed with these apps so I’m not alone, I’d post my favorite time wasting apps!
Two Dots
A simple game of connecting dots in order to level up! Each level has different requirements and I really love the design of the game too. I used to have the original version, just called Dots, which wasn’t level based and still a great game!
Line Play
A spin off of the LINE messaging app which is really popular in Japan. LINE play is almost like an MMO game where you create an avatar, decorate your house, and explore the universe, meeting and chatting with other users from all over the world! It’s really fun! There are also a lot of mini games that are SO addictive! 
Neko Atsume
Kristin got me hooked on this app! It’s almost like tamagotchi in that you refill the food bowls and the cats come to play! There are different cats depending on what toys/food you put out and some are special, like baseball cat!!
This is a journal/diary app and I used to use it like such. Now I use it more for jotting down ideas as they come to me and to remember important dates, like if something important happens, I put it in Momento so I know what day it happened! Sometimes I still use it like a diary though. 

By Jess

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