Fictional Fridays #20 – An Old Favorite


This time in my life seems to be all about nostalgia. Getting ready to move had me cleaning out every nook and cranny, looking back on things, making bucket lists, and realizing that I might have driven on some roads for the last time, or gone to certain places for the last time. It’s weird to think about, seriously! So, in honor of looking back and remembering things. I’m looking back on one of my favorite animes/mangas that I read and watched way back in freshman year of college. That is Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro aka Demon Detective Neuro. 
The anime:
I watched it before I read it. The anime is 25 episodes long and has never been dubbed, in other words you have to find it subbed. Out of all 177+ animes that I’ve watched since the beginning of high school, it still stands out as one of my favorites, although I like the manga a lot better, which I’ll go into in a second. The show is about a high school girl whose father is brutally murdered and she finds herself face to face with a demon who wants to solve the mystery of her father’s death so that he can eat the puzzle. Neuro, as a demon, eats the puzzle that surrounds mysteries. It has some action, no romance, and mysteries! I really enjoyed watching it and then I began to read it. 
The Manga:
The manga is 23 volumes (202 chapters) and WAY MORE kick butt than the anime. It has a lot more violence/gore though, compared to the anime, so if that sort of thing bothers you, it’d be best to avoid it. The villains in the manga are way more nightmare inducing and the storyline is far more developed. 
Re-reading this series for the third time now just makes me remember what it was like reading it the first time. It’s been quite a long time since I had last read it, so I had forgotten a lot of what had happened in the middle of the manga. I had actually forgotten about the main villain! I love this series though and I’m sure this won’t be the last time I re-watch or re-read it, since I want to make Alex watch it at some point as well!
A thank you goes to auto correct for constantly changing Nougami to Nougat and making me snort while writing this post. 
What is a show, book, movie, or etc that you’ve revisiting recently?

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