Books for Breakfast #71

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I told you I’d crank out some book reviews this month! See? I’m already delivering on my promises! High five! No? Okay…well, enjoy the reviews anyways! This time I’m covering two comics that I just got into. These are the omnibus editions that encompass the first five issues of the comics! Getting these are a great way to get into the comics because you don’t have to hunt for single issues of the comics (which can be hard to locate sometimes!)

Ms. Marvel: No Normal Volume 1 by G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona
Rat Queens: Sass and Scorcery Volume 1 by Kurtis J. Wiebe and Roc Upchurch

After hearing a bunch of rave reviews about Ms. Marvel, I had to check it out. It took me a while to find the first volume, since everywhere I went seemed to be sold out of it and only have volume 2. Finally though, I got my hands on it and then immediately had to pack it into a box, load said box into a truck, and then move to Texas. So, it took me a while to finally open it and start reading, but once I did…hoo boy I couldn’t put it down!!

The characters are so dynamic and it has such a modern twist. It’s such a relief, considering that I avoided comics, especially hero comics, for so long just due to the art/horrible poses/poorly represented minorities. It seems though, that this is the year for girls/young women to get into comics! Ms. Marvel is the perfect example of that! If you don’t know anything about it, then let me get you well acquainted with this amazing new heroine!

The new Ms. Marvel is a high school aged girl named Kamala Khan. She’s a fangirl, who even writes fan fiction, and who lives in what some would consider to be a strict household, where she isn’t allowed to go attend parties. Although, looking back on high school, I knew people who attended some parties that I wouldn’t have wanted to go to either. Kamala is from a muslim family and her parents are worried about her, especially once she tries sneaking out. When Kamala finds herself face to face with her fangirl idols, and gains extraordinary powers, she begins to have a bit of an identity crisis. (I mean, who wouldn’t?) It’s a very relatable series and the characters are so beyond lovely!

If you’ve been avoiding comics because “ew they are for boys” but have secretly been wanting to read them. Run down to your local comic book shop, or even stay at home and order it online, but give this series a read! I promise you won’t be disappointed!

After reading Kristin’s review of comic book titles that girls should try, I saw two on the list that I hadn’t read before. One of those was Batgirl, which I WILL get at some point! The other one was, obviously, Rat Queens, which she said had a bit more gore/violence, but that’s kind of right up my alley with my love of murder mystery novels and the like. I have to admit, I really enjoyed reading this one! I think this series is pretty kick butt!

It has a more fantasy theme with magic, fighting monsters, and that sort of thing. I normally don’t get into high fantasy too much, aside from Game of Thrones, but I can’t deny a good comic book with awesome female characters once I come across one! I really am loving this trend of female leads saving themselves and being awesome without needing men saving them. It’s pretty rad!

I can relate to these ladies!

Next on my list:
A Clockwork Orange & Unabrow 

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  • Wow! I think I might be putting Ms. Marvel on my list to read now!

  • Kay

    I'm dying to read Rat Queens. I think I'll have to order it for myself soon!

  • oh your the third person to talk about Ms. Marvel!! I really need to find it!!

  • I've been wanting to read these comics foreverrrrrr! I've heard they're great and you're confirming it yet again! The comic book store near me doesn't really have new releases so I've been thinking of taking a trip into NYC go find these!

  • OMG, Ms. Marvel!! I don't think it's available over here but I so want to read it!!!

  • Ms Marvel looks totally my cup of tea!
    I'll have to find my nearest comic book store!

  • Both of these have been on my TBR list for what feels like forever. I'm glad you've confirmed that they're both as awesome as everyone claims. Hopefully I'll walk out with these on my next bookstore visit.

  • Omg I LOVE Rat Queens! I just got Vol. 2 through netgalley and was so pumped. I own the comics in single issue but I love going through them all at once, plus having the kindle version was super cool. Have you checked out Lumberjanes yet?

  • I can't wait till volume 2! I'll have to check it out!! And I LOVE Lumberjanes! I started reading it via single issue comics so I'm probably not going to get the omnibus version but I LOVE Lumberjanes!!

  • Do it! They were both awesome reads! I already can't wait to get my hands on the next few volumes of Ms. Marvel! I'm mad at myself for holding out for so long!

  • Yes! It was such a great read! It got my hope back into the superhero genre!

  • It might be available through Amazon! If you can find a way to read it, I totally suggest it!

  • Rat Queens is pretty kick butt! I think you'll enjoy it!

  • I think you can find Ms Marvel in any large bookstore (I think B&N carries it) but yes! Local comic book stores are awesome! You could certainly find it down in NYC!

  • I think B&N carries it in the graphic novel section, or if you have a local comic book store that is always a great bet!

  • I normally don't do the monsters and magic thing, but I loved Rat Queens! All the girls are so interesting and diverse!

  • Do it!! It's a great way to get into comic books and into the Marvel universe!

  • Mia did a kick ass job putting that list together and I can't believe I've never read Ms. Marvel or Rat Queens! Need to fix that asap 🙂

  • You do! Ms Marvel is FABULOUS!!!