Books for Breakfast #73

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The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy by Sam Maggs
All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

This was the Reader’s Choice book for June, so thank you all for voting!! I’m really enjoying these reader picked books! I like seeing all of your suggestions and then seeing which books everyone picks for me to read! It’s a lot of fun! Anyways, so this book is basically a handbook for girls wanting to get into geek girl culture. It’s full of helpful hints, tips, interviews, and more for the fangirl noobs.

I enjoyed reading it! The book was a very fast read and held a lot of information in it. Although, on the flip side, it was all information I already knew, mainly from self teaching. I entered the fangirl world back in 2006 (or so) and from then on I’ve polished my nerd cred from uncut to shining diamond. For me, I didn’t learn all too much from the book, although I would have LOVED reading it back in 2006, I can tell you that much! I remember going into convention territory completely blind. Actually, I remember going into everything completely blind! (And that’s not just because I have terrible eye sight)

For any girl who is new to fan girl culture, doesn’t know all the slang lingo, and wants to get into the big ticket items like cosplay or conventions; this is the book that you should pick up. It’s a fountain full of good ideas and helpful tips! For the seasoned fangirls out there, while it is fun to read, it’s less informative for you. It would make a fabulous gift for that one friend who has her foot in the fangirl world though! It could give her that little push that she needs to join you in your fangirl ways!

I LOVED this book! I’m sad that I missed being a part of all the book club discussion about it, but I’m still glad that I finally got around to reading it! The book follows the lives of different people as their lives slowly converge during the second world war. This amazing story follows a blind girl and her family along with a german boy as he is caught up in the war, where his talents are swallowed up.

Like I said, I adored this book! I read it pretty fast considering that it’s over 500 pages and I’ve also been playing a cell phone game non-stop (much to Alex’s dismay) annnndddd we are still settling into this strange new place! Anyways, this book was gripped me in its pages and refused to let me go! I rooted for the characters, rooted against other characters, felt dismayed, felt depressed, and felt uplifted all at the end. It was the kind of book that you put in your lap once you’ve finished it and then let loose a satisfied sigh, still letting your feelings settle.

I feel like I’ve read a lot of books that take place during WWII and this is probably one of my favorites! There are so many different elements to the story and it was heart breaking yet full of hope!  I’ve always enjoyed books that switch perspective in each chapter. It also hops around through time, slowly piecing things together while weaving the stories of each characters complicated pasts.

Next on my list: 
The Girl on the Train & A Scanner Darkly 

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  • Does this cell phone game have anything to do with cats? xD I'm glad you liked both books! Easily some of my favorites this year 🙂

  • You're right about 'The Fangirls…', it's pretty basic although I did learn a few things hehe

  • Kay

    I've heard a lot about All The Light We Cannot See – I'll have to read it sometime!

  • I thought the Fangirl's Guide was a fun read! I didn't learn much either, but I still liked reading it!

  • It was an amazing read! I loved the story so much!

  • Hahaha, yes! I have all of the cats (which are awesome!) but now need to get all of the treasures! It's like an OCD collector's nightmare.

  • Lucky!! It totally is an OCD collector's nightmare!