Fictional Fridays #22 – Let’s Play!


I’ve never been the biggest gamer. I mainly only played games on my gameboy like Pokemon. I also had a Gamecube and a Wii, but I only played party/multi player games on those like Guitar Hero, Mario Party, Mario Cart, and Wii Sports. I also played Animal Crossing, which is basically like the Sims, except not quite. Now on my 3DS I’ve been branching off from my standard (Pokemon) into more RPG style games like Zelda and Bravely Default (which I can’t seem to beat!) Still though, I’m not really a gamer, not compared to Alex or some of his friends. 
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Instead of doing the gaming, I was more interested in watching others game. It sounded weird back in the day when I explained that to people when they tried to hand me the controller. “I’d rather watch!” I’d exclaim and no one seemed to ever believe me, but seriously, I love watching people play video games! I watched Alex play through a bunch of Final Fantasy games, The Last of Us, Life is Strange (although I help a little in that one by shouting out things), and other assorted games. 
Nowadays though, it seems like more and more people are watching people game. Let’s Plays are becoming HUGE on YouTube, aka watching recordings of people playing through video games with their own commentary. In fact, Alex and I just got through watching a horror game one from this awesome guy called Markiplier. I love horror games, but I’m just not that good at gaming, so watching someone else do it is a lot of fun for me! Plus, it was a game that we were debating getting, but Alex isn’t good at horror games (because he scares easily) and I’m bad at games because I can only button mash (aka old fighting games). 
Watching someone else play a game is also great to figure out a little bit about how gameplay works. You can almost sample something in a realistic manner before going out and getting it yourself! Or, you can see how other people react to super emotional scenes (aka The Last of Us) and feel better that everyone else had the same feels as you did. 
Alex always wanted to do a Let’s Play, or something of the sort. He actually wanted to record something while we (by we I mean I sat on the couch watching and offering commentary) played through the FFX remaster. Although, we don’t have that sort of equipment to record that sort of thing. 
Do you watch Let’s Plays? Do you have a favorite gamer on YouTube?
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By Jess

A bookworm since the tender age of whenever I stopped chewing on books and started actually reading them. A cat-mom, graphic designer, and introvert originally from Pittsburgh, but now resides in the humid, hot, state of Texas. Cheers!

  • I love watching people game, too! I do play a lot of games myself, but I'm not great at it. Some games I just know I'm going to suck at and will take me forever to finish, but I want to see what happens anyway. I especially love watching horror games, because I love horror stories but I'm too jumpy to play them myself!

  • Katherine Koba

    I can't stand Let's Plays (I only watch if I need to see how to get past a particularly tricky part, so not that often), but I love watching other people play games in real time, at least the kind of games I'm too chickenshit to play myself. I watched my boyfriend play through all of Silent Hill 2, Dead Space, and a lot of Dead Space Extraction. It's just as entertaining as watching a movie or TV show, I think! (But if it's a game I know I'm good at or want to play, then watching is like torture, haha.)

  • I'm terrible at all games that aren't Pokemon or basic RPG style games, which is probably why I like watching Let's Plays. But I feel like I only like certain ones, like walk throughs of horror games since I love seeing the reactions! I watched my friends play through Silent Hill 2, it was full of so many puzzles that I would have been terrible at it if I played by myself!

  • Exactly! I love watching people play because then I can watch the story play out without being distracted by the gameplay. I end up noticing a lot of little details that Alex misses when I'm watching him play a game!

  • I love lets play videos! Davetheusher is my favorite for final fantasy games… He's pretty funny and I like that he reads the lines in the game. Anyways, ever since I was little I've been watching people play games. I'm like you and also think it's fun!


  • Novellette

    I have watched a quite a few Let's Plays and I find a nostalgia in them now since I don't game as often as I used to. I mean, Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, and Zelda used to be my life for a while, haha! RPGs in general, I guess 😉 Now I think I'll go get my DS out from the closet 😀

  • I haven't heard of him before, I'll have to check out his channel!

  • I'm a pretty terrible gamer…aka button masher aka I need to read walk throughs to get through dungeons. So I've always been happy to take a back seat and watch people play! When I was little I distinctly remember handing off my gameboy to my childhood friend when I hit a cave in Pokemon, I hated all those Zubats and I always got lost hahaha!

  • I still haven't finished the Zelda game that is sitting in my DS, I really need to finish that!

  • Kay

    I have always enjoyed watching video games as well (though I do love to play them too!). So far I haven't watched any Let's Play (though my hubs streams League of Legend and Magic the Gathering tournaments all the time) but I think I'd really enjoy them for certain games! Finding the time though, that'll be the toughy.

    Oh, I can't seem to beat Bravely Default either! I'm trying to complete all the side stuff too, and I got super stuck on a fight. At this point, it's been months since I've touched it! Oops!

  • I'm a game watcher, too!! I just think it's fun to see how the story plays out in real time. I enjoy playing every now and again, of course, but I am perfectly content to just sit and observe the whole time, too. We are not alone!!

  • Playing games usually leaves me with a pretty nasty headache/stomach ache combo weirdly enough so I really love watching people play and getting to decide that I can walk away/divert my attention when I need to.

  • My fiancé streams LoL tournaments too, it's always on the TV! Same here! I can't beat the one boss, I swear he is just too hard! It made me so mad!!

  • Yes! We are like a little tribe!

  • Weird! But it's nice that you can still watch games! I love seeing how the story of certain games play out and that way if I hate the ending, I didn't waste too much time playing it! haha!