Travel Diaries: Fushimi Inari-taisha

Travel Diaries

Going back through all these photos makes me want to go back to Japan right this instant! This shrine in Kyoto was SO beyond amazing. Walking through it, even though it is very busy, totally takes your breath away…and I’m not just talking about walking up the huge mountain, but the beauty of the shrine itself. Even being there in January, it was still green and gorgeous! There was even an adorable little shrine cat that came over to say hi to us and wound itself through our legs! It was the cutest little kitty! We also DID make it to the top of the mountain, which for all that know us, should know that was quite a feat of determination, sweat, and a lot of sports drinks from the vending machines. Enjoy the over kill of photos with no word breaks!

We did get a bit lost coming back down the mountain and wound up in this older part of the shrine, with some way older grave markers. Then we had to climb back up the steps to the main path, which was taxing, but it was so cool looking and there wasn’t anyone else down there, which was pretty awesome! There weren’t many people at the top of the mountain either, which was kind of nice! We got to enjoy the view and mountain air all by myself. 
It’s always fun to look back at old vacations!

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