Books for Breakfast #75

Book Reviews

This time I read:
All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven
Blood on Snow by Jo Nesbo
This was the Reader’s Choice book for the month and God you guys, were you trying to crush all my feelings into the ground? I think you were. This book really took a lot out of me! I feel like all YA books now a days are all about soul crushing feelings. It’s like we want all the teens in the world sobbing in their beds while they read under the covers. Seriously. For anyone who was following me on GoodReads while I was in the process of reading this book, you might have noticed when I got close to the end I updated my status with the desperate note of “TELL ME EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OKAY?!?!”
So the story follows two high schoolers, Violet: the popular ex-cheerleader and Finch: The weird kid who doesn’t have many friends. Well, they both find themselves at the top of the bell tower, and Finch talks Violet down off the ledge of the tower that they were both standing on. This predicament leads them into a sort of friendship, which changes them and helps them to learn more about themselves as they explore Indiana together for a project.
If there was one thing that was my favorite ever, it was that the author actually included some real roadside attractions that really do exist in Indiana! I love roadside America stuff, I’ve always loved exploring places like that! (Which kind of reminds me of American Gods) The book really does a good job of tugging on your heart strings. It also deals with some heavy topics like depression, mental illness, death, grieving, and relationships between children and their parents. It’s the sort of YA book that adults can enjoy. Although you will probably cry. 
I love Nesbo, although this book didn’t have the mystery aspect like the Harry Hole books did. It was more of a thriller, but even then, not really. It reminded me more of another of his standalone books called Headhunters, which was about the same length as this book (short) and had the same sort of story line. (kind of)
The main character is a man named Olav, a fixer, since he failed at every other criminal duty. If you weren’t aware, a fixer is basically an assassin. So, Olav goes around fixing people for his boss until one day he gets an assignment that he isn’t really fond of doing. The job is basically screwed up and he doesn’t have many options left. It’s rather cut and dry in terms of story, although I think Olav as a narrator is interesting. He has a bit of the unreliable narrator theme going on, which I obviously enjoy!
My dad read it in a day and he wasn’t the biggest fan of it, he much more likes the Harry Hole series,. Although we are both Nesbo fans in general! It’s the only series that we trade off books for! I didn’t enjoy it as much as his other books though, I’m more looking forward to the next Harry Hole novel! There has to be another one, considering how the last one ended! 
Next on my list is:
Nimona & The End

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