Fictional Fridays #23 – Love Live School Idol Hell


Absentee sub-author Sarah back from the dead. Here to express my feeling about my and the bookworm’s latest obsession: Love Live School Idol Festival. I never was the type to like phone games or anything in that vein. I was always under the impression that if I wanted to play a game I wanted to play something substantial like an RPG or MMO. But TIMES THEY DO CHANGE.

All the waifu’s.

Upon my 24th year of life I discovered that I am just a mere mortal who cannot resist cute girls, rhythm games, and j-pop. I should have known since my childhood obsessions were DDR and Space Channel 5.

But hold up! What even is Love Live? Well, it’s an anime (that I didn’t watch)… but more importantly it’s a rhythm game for your phone. So imagine DDR…. with your fingers. To progress in the game you improve your rank and get rewards for completing songs, re-playing songs, and getting high ranking/full combo’s.
 Look at this cute ass Nico.

Sounds lovely, but how did it consume my soul with the speed of hell fire? Well, in order to advance in Love Live it’s pretty crucial to establish an idol team that is strong enough to get you through those difficult songs. Although, it’s entirely possible to happily and casually play the game with lower tier idols you won’t progress as quickly (but really, GO HARD MAKE THE BEST IDOL TEAM). The only way to obtain higher tier idols is to “scout” them from two boxes. There is a “regular scouting” box and an “honor scouting” box.

Regular Scouting
Honor Scouting

Obtaining idols is like fishing for Pokemon cards. Except more extreme. It is a card based platform and the ranking goes like this from weakest to strongest: Normal, Rare, Super Rare, Ultra Rare.  

You are guaranteed Rare or above in Honor Scouting the rates are: Rare 90%, Super Rare 9%, and Ultra Rare 1%. THAT’S RIGHT 1% for an Ultra Rare. In Regular Scouting you are most likely doomed to a fate of Normals and the quite occasional Rares.


And now you are probably thinking WAIT, WAIT; those don’t look that different! The only significantly more elegant one is the Ultra Rare so WHY THE OBSESSION?? Well, These cards are “un-idolized.” You have to obtain TWO of the same card and then merge them together to change them into an “idol.” That will raise their stats, and give you the ability to unlock their personal story as well as certain rewards.

Above are all of the previous cards “idolized” versions. Pretty freaking adorable!! And GOD you know we all have a waifu who we need BAD. Now if you noticed the cards have three different colors and symbols. Each corresponds to an attribute that the card possesses (Pink = smile, Green = pure, Blue = cool). If you put together a team with cards of the same color/attribute it will be powerful on songs that match that attribute.  
This is a cool song~

Up at the top there you can see four things. EXP, LP, G, and a heart. Three of these things are very important for game play and then one is just annoying. G is your game money eventually you will have so much that when you get it you will scream. EXP is your experience when you fill the green bar you raise your rank and unlock new songs and stories. When you complete a story you get a “love gem.” You can use love gems to scout in the honor scouting box.

The LP bar is the most horrific of all. You can see near the “Stage Level” it says “Using LP15.” You can only play if you pay in LP. Once your bar hits zero you must WAIT 6 MIN per 1 LP POINT TO PLAY AGAIN. OR you can use a love gem, but love gems are so precious. So sometimes the waiting game get’s to you. ESPECIALLY during a timed event. JUST DAYS LEFT TO GET THAT SUPER RARE KOTORI?? BEEN WORKING ALL DAY??
Me right now. IRL I need to win that Super Rare Kotori, but I’M A WORKING ADULT! CURSES!

And this has been a pretty basic explanation of the game and it’s woes. I don’t know how we found ourselves here but, the bookworm and I have fallen into a deep abyss. If you are thinking of starting Love Live just know that it’s a commitment. I thought I could be casual about it but I have given into the mighty powers of my waifu’s. Gaze upon my top four waifu’s and my favorite Ultra Rare cards that I will never be hardcore enough to possess.

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