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Warning: This post might be rather long and full of a lot of feelings because both of these books were pretty amazing, although You totally blew me out of the water, like WHOA! Well, you’ll see, read on to find out why!

The reads this time were:
A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas
You by Caroline Kepnes

Let’s start with the book that was the Reader’s Choice for last month! I hadn’t heard too much about this book before picking it up, aside from the fact that it is a retelling of the Beauty and the Beast along with some parallels to East of the Sun West of the Moon. Though honestly, while first reading the book, I didn’t really grasp onto what it was based off of. I just read it as being the kind of story where a girl slowly ends up falling for a man whom she thought she’d never be able to like. That sort of story, which obviously doesn’t HAVE to be a re-telling of Beauty and the Beast.

I enjoyed the world that the story was set in, a fantasy world where humans live separated from the supernatural faerie world. The two worlds do not get along and a treaty keeps the humans safe from the dangers of the fae. Although, there is danger brewing that could lead to the end of the humans if not kept in check. Another thing I enjoyed was the lead character. She is full of flaws, like her short temper and stubbornness, and I really love that about lead characters. Also the fast that she is a kick ass girl is pretty radical! But there is nothing worse than the Mary Sue main girls that are absolutely flawless in all senses (beautiful hair, knows she is beautiful, seems to be perfect in all ways, even her “flaws” end up being perfection) those are the characters that really grind on my nerves.

I read through the book rather quickly and wasn’t even that perturbed when the idea of a love triangle popped up closer towards the end. Instead I’ve found myself on that ship. (oh no!) I really enjoyed how the book ended in a way that, YES I can’t WAIT for the sequel! But also in a way, it ended and it almost could have just ended without a sequel and I wouldn’t have been too mad about it. Although I’m super excited for the second book next year because it is SO going to be a Hades and Persephone retelling and I CAN NOT WAIT! (or at least it better be, it could TOTALLY go that way)

Now, I seriously CAN NOT wait to tell you about this book. Seriously. Let’s start with some (almost freaky) background in how I came to read this book. So my one co-worker told me about this book and how I HAD to read it. Obviously when people suggest books to me, my interest is peeked, especially since he went into so much detail about the book, why it was amazing (without spoiling anything), and just didn’t seem to want to let it go. Finally the book came into the store and he literally pulled it off the shelf and handed it to me, so I put it on hold for myself and read it during slow times. 
Needless to say it immediately hooked me. The book is written in second person and it feels SO personal! Especially being a girl. In a lot of ways it almost feel like he was talking about me, to me. Like he was describing little bits into my life. It made it even more engrossing! The book is about a guy who works at a local bookstore in New York City and one day the girl of his absolute dreams walks in through the door. He is immediately enamored with her and proceeds to find her on Twitter, and beyond, which he then uses to stalk her. And when I say he stalks her, I MEAN HE SERIOUSLY STALKS HER. There is no playing around here. It is intense, it is scary, and since the book is written from his point of view, you end up so entranced and invested in his life and hers by proxy. 
You want to hate him, I mean duh, he is a creepy stalker. But CAN you hate him is the real question. You just HAVE to read it to find out how you feel about it. Is he just really dedicated? Is romance in this era dead? Or is he a psycho stalker for real? That is what makes this book just SO GOOD. It plays with your emotions, it makes you hate characters, and it doesn’t just make you hate some characters, it makes you hate all the characters in one way or another. It brings out the darkness of the human soul in such a jaw dropping, page turning manner that you just can’t put. it. down!
I seriously recommend this book with all of my being. This could be a new top five book on my shelves, joining the ranks of House of Leaves, Mr. Penumbra’s 24-hour Bookstore, and other all-time favorites of mine! Also, follow her on Twitter @CarolineKepnes and tell her I sent you. (Since that’s what my coworker did to me) Also, she needs to be more popular, she really has a talent for writing such intense stories that suck you in mind and soul. 

By Jess

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