Travel Diaries: Culinary Journey

Travel Diaries

I shared a lot of the location pictures of my trip this past January in South Korea and Japan, but I didn’t really post all my food pictures. So here it is, all the yummy food I got the chance to eat while I was traveling!

Be warned: Don’t look if you’re already hungry!!

I ate SO MUCH food! Lots of curry in Japan (my favorite) but also a lot of other new and exciting foods! I didn’t take pictures of all my meals, obviously, I spent a lot more time enjoying what I was eating instead of photographing it, but man… was all so great! Some of the hostels had fabulous meals as well like Hostel 64 in Osaka had some fabulous breakfast that was free!! 
In Korea a lot of the food was spicy, so I had to learn to up my spice tolerance while I was there. I normally don’t do spicy food too well. (Which is also a problem here in Texas, where they love spice too)

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