Best Shoes I’ve Ever Had

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I was in no way shape or form given any sort of compensation for this post. I just literally was overwhelmed by how amazing my feet felt after a shift of work that I felt beyond compelled to write this post.

So recently we went to a mall close to us, mainly because Alex wanted some new work shoes that were more comfortable. We tried on a few pairs at a few different stores before we found ourselves in the Sketchers store. I used to wear Sketchers back when I was, like, in elementary school and my mom picked out my shoes for me.

Now I was helping Alex find a pair or two and I realized that, man, they put some intense padding and arch supports in their shoes. So after Alex finally found two pairs of shoes, I wandered off to see what the ladies shoe selection looked like.

Normally I’m not a fan of knock off brands but Sketchers makes these shoes that look just like Tom’s but they are called Bob’s (which is WAY more hilarious) so I picked up a pair. They also have actually arch supports so they aren’t just pieces of canvas and cardboard. They are actually comfortable for your feet and they still support charity. (Hah!) I also picked up another pair that have EVEN MORE support in them.
Seriously, let me tell you, spending a whole day on my feet still felt okay while wearing these. It was SO MUCH BETTER than wearing my flats, which I always had to take off once I got into my car for the drive home. I could wear these even after work and STILL feel comfy. It was like a small miracle.  Seriously. If you have a job where you walk a lot, or you find yourself not comfy in your day to day shoes, I seriously suggest Sketchers. Who cares if you are an old lady with squishy inserts? All that really matters at the end of the day is your comfort.
My boss may joke and tell it looks like I’m wearing slippers at work, but dammit I do my job a lot better when I’m comfy and he actually joked that if I did any better with my sales that he’d buy me another pair. So there uncomfy flats. TAKE THAT!!

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