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I’m sure everyone, unless you just found my blog yesterday, remembers my period of radio silence/slight depression. Moving half way across this massive country really takes a lot out of you. Also, trying to become a functioning (properly) adult was taking its own toll on my mental health as I struggled through a lot of dead ends searching for jobs and lots of rejection. My amazing blogger friend Kayly from My Open Sketchbook, noticed my plight and wanted to do something to cheer me up.

Enter Random Acts of Fandom, created by the geek/nerdy blogger DePepi. The idea is to brighten someone’s day with a box of fandom related fun! And gosh, it really did brighten my day! Kayly is such a magical, wonderful, and beautiful person to think of me and reach out a happy, helping hand! This project is pure gold!

The Ghibli Box that I found on my front doorstep made my heart leap. I’ve never received something so personal before!

I now have a new favorite mug for my tea lattes! I also have this gorgeous little painting that I am totally getting framed and putting up on the wall. It’s perfect! I swear I almost cried. It really warmed my heart and was just what I needed during my rough patch to really help pull me out of it. You never know what can make someone’s day better, but this surprise box really lifted my spirits to the max!

You also better believe I kept the box, it’s sitting on my TV stand next to all the game systems, I could never throw this box away!!

Thank you Kayly, I probably can’t thank you enough! And thank you DePepi for creating such a wonderful project with the world! You bet I’m going to send one to someone who needs a pick me up!

Here are the rules! I encourage everyone to brighten someone’s day, a friend, a stranger, a fellow blogger who is going through a rough patch. It’s important to share the love!

The rules are simple:

  • Do a kind act of fandom for a fellow blogger who needs a push, who might feel down or need some help.
  • Nominate (invite) three other fellow bloggers to do a random act of fandom for a fellow blogger of their choosing. Please say the reasons why you nominate them.
  • Link to this post/blog and use the banner of Random Acts of Fandom. If you feel creative, you can also create your own banner for Random Acts of Fandom, but remember to link dePepi.com as the origin of the virus.
  • Write these rules on your post.
  • Mention who nominated you.
  • Remember to contact your Nominees and the blogger you’re surprising with a Random Act of Fandom.

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